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  1. Hi Sapphire! Love your reno and TB purchases! Do you mind please PM me your ID contact and quotation? Thanks and Happy new year!
  2. Thanks everyone!! I seldom check in and what a pleasant surprise to see replies to my thread! Ok to answer your questions: sng28 - I go home check for you ok. Need to dig my file. joyousonline - 1) the glass panel at the hob area, as I don't cook often, so far so good. I think clean only 1 month once. but I would imagine for someone who cooked pretty often will need to clean the glass regularly. The glass panel near the hob is fixed, cannot slide. 2) Common toilet. the vanity is from IKEA. from the mirror, basin until the cabinet below the basin are all from IKEA. the backing is wooden though. so far, I don't see anything rotting or "mushrooms" growing. LILLÅNGEN series. Ely1 - Thank you! We had a hard time looking for something that is pocket-friendly and both of us liked as well.
  3. so what do u use when u want to toast sandwiches leh? do u use grille or oven mode?
  4. Hi Marshmallow, Wow! You are fast! Thanks for the advice! I will see whether i can get some baking pans or something. Don't you think it's stupid to give the name Crispy Pan where the Pan is not making it crispy. Do you think it will work better if we forgo the Crispy Pan altogether and put the wire rack at the bottom?
  5. Hi, I just bought a Panasonic NN-GS597M Microwave Oven with Steam. As the microwave also have baking and grilling functions, I have been trying out bake/grill the following 1) Chocolate Muffins - Used Oven mode at 160 degrees (with preheat). Placed silicone cups on Crispy Pan, result quite ok. Cannot see brown or not since it is chocolate. 2) Frozen Pizza - Used Oven mode at 220 degrees (with preheat). Placed frozen pizza on Crispy Pan lined with aluminium foil. Top is not very brown, but is burnt on the edges of the ham and pineapple, bottom is cooked but not brown. 3) Ham and Cheese sandwich - Used Oven mode at 180 degrees (no preheat). Placed sandwich on wire tray and placed on top of crispy tray. Only top is toasted (but not very brown) and bottom is slightly toasted. Overall, it seems that I am not able to achieve the golden brown toasted look when using the Oven mode. I have not yet tried the Grill mode which is only 1 heat source at the top. Any pointers? Thanks!!
  6. Hi All, My hubby accidentally threw away both my high and low baking racks that came along with my Sharp microwave convection oven. Looks something like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=380271481945 Anyone knows where I am able to get cheaper replacements? I have already checked with SHARP directly and they are quoting me $25.68 per rack!! Thanks!
  7. Final pics (part 7): Girl's Room Boy's Room Common Bathroom
  8. Final pics (part 6): Master Bedroom Wardrobe Master Bathroom
  9. Final pics (part 5): Study Room View from Foyer View from Study room to Living room View from Dining room Corridor (View from Master bedroom)
  10. Final pics (part 4): Kitchen
  11. Final pics (part 3): Display Cabinet (My Hubby's toys)
  12. Final pics (part 2): Shoe Cabinet Dining Room
  13. Have moved in for almost 3 weeks.. here are the lived-in pics.. not very well taken.. paiseh.. Final pics (part 1): Living room View from Dining room View from Balcony Balcony area TV area