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  1. Hi DKCH, Can you PM me also the contact for this JB shop? Thanks a lot!
  2. 1. 1500 2. 2000 (Just for service balcony, for 7 panels cost me 550) 3. 300 4. 600 5. 1500 6. 400 7. 2000 (What is change skin? means changing the cabinet surface) 8. 800 9. 900 All are approximate.
  3. Before the "dishwasher days", my wife manually cleaned the utensils and she also complained abt irritation, but not much. I also used to help her and when I was tired felt like Nowadays I dun go near washing. IMHO, dishwasher is doing the job properly if your vessels are not too oily. In fact it's good for glass, porcelein and crystal wares. Very hygienic cleaning is a plus. For very soiled vessels, set at high temperature and high timing; ofcourse more electricity. The inconvenience my wife complains nowadays is this. In DW you can't just throw in the vessels (Like cloth washing machine. It it's like that very good leh ). You have to properly arrange your vessels in the decks with proper space management techniques and in proper water jet direction, then onli washing will be proper. You need to spend 5 to 20 minutes for this depending upon the number of vessels. Reg. water consumption, Bosch service agent told us that DW will definitely take lesser water than manual washing. He rolled out some statistics in litres of water, sori forgot. Reg. electricity, I haven't noticed any big diff b4 and after.
  4. It depends upon which setting you use. A quick wash will take 30 mins. If you put in normal/economic wash, will take one and half to two hrs. Very soiled and oily may take 2+ hrs. If you use a combination of hot water wash more than 60 degrees, washing time will be lesser. jementa, We bought Bosch Free standing dishwasher for 1100+ at Best Denki, Ngee Ann city. When we hunted for DW, we finalised 2 models - Bosch and FP. Best denki had both at that time. But FP models were made in Thailand and we could see the metal is not so strong obviously. The Bosch model which I bought is Made in Germany and good Engineering. After we bought, Bosch service person came to house and demonstrated how to use and the advised what washing powders to use. So far it's doing the job properly. If your utensils are not so oily and soiled, it works perfectly. If it's toooo soiled, you have soak and rinse (a pre-wash) before you put inside DW.
  5. Just a question to all ceiling fan users ... I've recently installed 3 fans for my rooms (Fanco make 52") and 2 fans for my living (Elmark 60"). When the contractor installed the fan, I was closely watching. For each fan, he used 2 bolts (I think they call it as dead bolts ) to fix the bracket to the ceiling. I was previously told by my fren that they use 3 bolts. When I asked contractor, he told 2 bolts enough and each bolt can carry 50 kg. I called my fan supplier (Palace of Lights, Balestier rd) and he told nowadays only 2 bolts. I found in the box, there was a hook and some screws which the contractor never used and juz threw away. My question : Is there any chance that bolts may unscrew or 2 bolts not enough and the fan may drop down? 3 Weeks after installation, one of the Fanco fans made big sound while rotating in the early hours (about 3 AM). I slowed down to 3, no sound. Increased to 4, sound. Then after some time, fan started to rotate very slow even at 4. Called Fanco and they serviced 2 days after. Now ok. They told that the motor start to rotate in opposite direction and it may be because of any power trips.
  6. One of friends quotes, who got repeatedly bad experiences with housing agents... "99% of agents are out for your money, only 1% are honest and they are now out of business"
  7. Thanks. I din buy Amasco, except the regulators. Think regulators no prob. Isst??? I've asked salesman at palace of lights and he told no concept of free installation. If some shops offer, then the cost may be hidden in the fan. Others, Please share your exp. Fanco and crester have limited models unlike Elmark. I was told dat crester costs more because of design elegance and simplicity. Me din like design of Crester.
  8. Juz wish to share my bying of ceiling fans ..... Shop : Palace of Lights, Balestier Road (After going thru many shops in Balestier rd and Jln besar, I finally zeroed in 2 shops, One is Palace of lights and another Tai yong at jln Besar). Choose POL becos of more show space, more varieties, they sell Elmark, Fanco, Amasco and Crester brands and friendly service. Tai Yong salesmen couldnt answer my few simple questions abt height requirement. Serviced by : First visit by Steven (First visit juz to see), Buying visit by Kelvin. Bought what : 2 - 60" Elmark fan with 3 lights and silver color string light cover. Each costs 270$ after bargain. (Initially told 230 for fan + 65 for lights. Came down to 280. Then agreed for 270). These 2 fans are for my living. 3 - 52" Fanco fan with 3 lights and Black color string light cover. Each costs 240$ after bargain. (Initially told 260. Came down to 250. Then agreed for 240). These 3 fans are for my rooms. 2 - Amasco Fan regulators. Each 35$ Installation for each fan 35$. Installation and additional wiring for each regulator 35$. Total : 1575 $. Salesman said he's giving the best price (as they used to say) when I bargained more. Do you think price ok or more or less ?????
  9. The so called fat guy you mentioned may be a "Sales Promoter" of Sony, not a Mustafa salesperson. Be aware, Mustafa salespersons will not push you to go for a particular brand. They'll help you if you ask any questions. As someone mentioned, don't expect a great sales service at Mustafa (like Robinsons, where everytime I go, I admire their service). I also got cheated by a Mitsubishi Sales Promoter at Mustafa to go for Mitsubishi fridge. I actually decided to go for Mitsubishi fridge, but later found Panasonic was equally attractive. When I was abt to go for Panasonic, I got misguided by that stupid promoter lady. Still grumbling If you feel the approach of the Sony Guy is not acceptable, Call mustafa sales manager responsible for electronics section and complain about it. I complained, complained and complained and brought my case upto Mitsubishi office. Abt 10 days before when I went to Mustafa, I found Samsung LCD TV promotion was ongoing - 32" LCD comes with a Free HT system Or Voucher Or something else (forgot). Finalise your model by visiting a few shops, make up your mind, then straitaway go to Mustafa and pick the set.
  10. Guess you guys bought Panasonic... Good selection. I and my wife liked the design and finish of Panasonic. Also their inner trays are good...tempered glass. But got cheated by the sales promoter to go for Mit. I saw some of the fridges are fully covered. They dun have any pipes like washing machine. Anyway, yesterday Mitsubishi called me and apologised for the confusion. They told me that sales lady told this by "slip of tongue" Just a caution to forummers : Both Mit and pana have opening at back side. But as per other experts I talked to, this opening will not be breeding ground for mosquitoes, since the compressor and evaporation piping will be hot and mozzi cannot live there. .
  11. I finalised between two models : One is Panasonic NR-B402V using inverter technology and nice looking also. And another Mitsubishi MR-F47T. Could not decide what to buy. Then I read this forum and read abt the back side opening at bottom of Panasonic model. worried and decided to go for Mitsubishi. That stupid sales lady told me Mit is fully covered, don't have any opening at the back side. The showroom piece is near the wall, so I could not go behind the Mit fridge and see whether it's fully covered. But Panansonic is in rows and I verified it has opening. So I ordered Mit. Got shocked to see after delivery and installation - MITSUBISHI ALSO HAS OPENING AT THE BOTTOM OF BACK SIDE. Got Furious and contacted and complained to the shop. They told once delivered cannot take it back. Lessons learned - Never trust sales people; confirm yourself (Especially in my case the sales lady is a Mit promoter - I later found out that. All along she praised mit and said bad abt other makes - Shop is Mustafa center)
  12. Yuppy..... That's why before even "thinking" about the rain shower (My wife die die want it), I asked my plumber to give his opinion while he came for other works to my house. He told me water pressr not sufficient and even if I fix a rain shower, it'll not be useful. So dropped the idea and convinced wife too.
  13. Hmmm. Already bought glass hob from Bellari. Actually more than the hob, I am fascinated by the tornado flame in action. It's true it really heat up quickly due to it's tornado flow. (Something like turbulence in Fluid mechanics - Any Engineers here ?? ) Going for a glass hob is wife's choice. Let's see how it goes...
  14. Hi Applefreak, May I know why you disagree ? Any previous experiences with Bellari ? Their after sales service is not good ? Or their Product quality bad ? Plz share so that we can benefit from that. Thx
  15. Went for a long search for kitchen hood, hob and sink. Visited 2 Hoe kee shops (Genting road, Plaza s'pura), 2 Poh Joo shops(In Jalan Besar area), Nan Wah (jalan besar), Adamas (jalan besar) and some more. When me and my wife were very tired to see anymore, and we have only bellari in our list, we went there. Met a very interesting sales guy Thomas Choy. As we went in (It's a small shop), we saw available models. He didn't disturb us for first 15 mins. Then he came in... What's plus with this Guy.. 1. He demonstrated all hoods and hobs. For hobs, he put utensils and show us how the flame goes and explained the difference between european cooking and asian cooking. 2. He explained the strength of Tempered glass and how the "tornado" flame can help to cook quite fast. Bellari tempered glass comes with lifetime warranty. 3. For hood, he explained all models comes with same motor and same suction power (900 Cu.m) and the price difference is only becos of the design. He told us in what year each model was introduced and how they improved their design from customer feedback. 4. He shown different albums of installation in customer places. 5. He explained Bellari's quality of after-sales service. 4. Bit dramatic in explaining and action, but the facts are real. Bought the hood (chimney type), hob (Black tempered glass with tornado flame) and Sink.