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  1. yeah! manage to grab the leifheit mop profi system with the roller add-on for $188
  2. It's not amazing, it's a robot, a gadget, more like a toy to me instead of a home appliance. Get your husband to learn lar, so he will take over the cleaning job.....that explain why my wife dun need to worry too much about cleaning the floor....she's a magic clean person, I hate that, not very environmental friendly.... The good thing is, it is very very clean after each run, coz in average, it will vacuum 5 times per spot. It has a home base (mid range and above model I think 550 and above) so that it will go back and charge itself after each run. The virtual wall & lighthouse can guide it to another rooms, so you can plan its job according to its capability. The bad thing? You need to be someone who loves to deal with robot. They are robot, and they are dirty, you need to do maintenance on and off. If you use it frequently, you may need to dismantle it once a month to clean everything so that it will last. it is running on 110v (unless you pay double or tripple the price to buy local stuff) so you need to modify the power supply or use a 110v transformer to charge it. Most importantly, it has a solid bumper....so it will bang all your furniture legs.....i am forced to put extra cushion at the bumper to reduce damage....Scooba is worse....super solid hard bumper.....sigh.... This is what I see for single vacuum, look at the fine dust it's able to suck up.... This is how it looks like when "resting" itself at the homebase.... I dun support the local dealer, coz with that kind of $$$, you can afford to buy 2 units, in case 1 down, the other one can be activated immediately anyway, with Roomba, it makes my mopping job very easy The water will never be "black" anymore......
  3. Used to have this, and thought I can get lazy, BUT I WAS WRONG!!!! iRobot Scooba is only great for bathroom & kitchen. For big area, a lot of time it can't clean finish within 1 round of water.....so you will end up watching it to crawl...slowly, and then change water and clean the brush....very troublesome The worse thing is, you can't simply let it run without you around, anytime it can hit anything happily and cause short circuit or whatever thing you could imagine.....coz it's carrying water, dun play play.....It will be perfect only if it can go back to its base and change water itself.....wait long long for the next generation of Scooba. I sold mine and bought a Roomba instead. Shoik! Roman mop was my first attempt in fast mopping strategy....close to 2 years, it's good but it can't covers corners very well (but surprisingly iRobot Roomba can!!!). Passed by Isetan and saw the Leifheit Profi set selling at $258.....very tempted to buy, but decided to search around the web and found this thread lol! Sh*t missed this great deal at $168.....will try my luck again on Monday then yokine9a thanks for the tips!
  4. Full HD Plasma. Anytime! No U-turn! You probably need an additional video scaler to make the SD looks even nicer on your full HD screen. Starhub's HD hubstation scaler sux....and no TV has good scaler as far as I know.....
  5. alan26, your this piece of info is like 4-5 years old liaoz leh.....refill gas? come on....give me a break.....was curious why didn't you also mention burn mark? LCD is a component called backlight. That's the thing can make LCD visible. The current it draws is constant no matter if you view full dark or full white screen. Like what ncy mentioned, Plasma draws much lesser power in dark screen. This will eventually average out the total electricity consumption. And based on my experience, it is lower than same size LCD My samsung full hd 50" Plasma is consuming about 300W, try checking how much a 46" or 52" LCD? You will be shocked....btw, dun look at the specs, you need a power meter to measure the power consumption yourself, over a period of time. I always share that, dun buy LCD because you thought it can save you $$$.....it may not be the case and you're sacrificing the PQ.....nevertheless, LED backlight LCD TV may be different story, unfortunately, the price is still too high.....i can't imagine paying $5K for a 46" LED backlight LCD TV.....
  6. not easy to unplug the aircon switch leh.....round 3 pin one.....and the bigger aircon for living room one only got switch, no plug.....but well, we only turn on once or twice a month....so....may not see any difference. dun use LCD TV lar, Plasma may save you more $$$$....coz LCD TV is drawing almost maximum electricity in constant manner, Plasma will draw less energy when showing black, more energy when showing white.....my 50" FHD only drawing 300W+ in average.....
  7. but juicer and a blender are different use right? blender basically just destroy everything into liquid mah....if that's your objective, then grab a blender....
  8. Just manage to grab one after attended the demo @ Plaza Singapura. Wow...the carrot hoh, taste so sweet!!!!! Chicken & Fish also taste very nice, without oil one.....all very natural and healthy! The demo auntie said they are clearing stocks at $899 @Taka basement, so I rushed down with my Best card, and guess what? it was on-sale @$699 yesterday....the salesman even said he felt sorry for those who bought on Saturday or earlier..... original price was $1469..... Just wondering if anybody also using this toy in the kitchen. Mind sharing your "secret recipe" in using this water oven? I'm waiting for it to be delivered...... The new model cost about $1300, bigger capacity (31 liter) + microwave function. Made in Thailand though....this one is made in Japan.
  9. Saw Sharp got a new model selling at below $1400...wow, **** ex leh.... but it claimed that it will reduce the fat and salt content, and retain the vitamins. Anybody using that? Would it make cooking much easier and faster? But for sure the power consumption is going to shoot up.......1300W menz.... What about the Panasonic one? even more expensive..... If it's really meet my requirement, will wait til Best or Harvey Normal having promotion to give complimentary 5 yrs warranty then buy hehe.....
  10. I think their 1 day operation is your 1 week~1 month operation and it's running at "demo mode". Perhaps you could share what are the brands and models you saw with burnt mark? my Samsung P9 has been running for more than 1 year, never see any burnt mark, I do turn on the anti-burnt mark function by moving the whole screen a pixels a direction every few mins
  11. black is unbeatable for Kuro, but would you really care after a while? is it good to have or die die must have? burnt mark issues was resolved years ago. I dunno who told you that you still need to worry about burnt mark for Plasma....lol! Check out Panasonic, Samsung & LG's Plasma. I can only say Kuro is not worth every single cent you pay for. Let them die, by natural selection
  12. Pioneer may be clearing stocks since they are out of TV business liaoz....
  13. actually i dun think you can find anything that's bigger that its hole liaoz lor.....