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  1. Just to share: i have been staying in this HDB flat for like 30years and i have not renovated it since. in fact, i have absolutely no knowledge on renovation. i want to ask, if i want to renovate the entire house, walls, tilings, everything, Question: 1) should i go and rent another house outside, and move everything over (furnitures, tv, cupboard, everything)... There are quite many things in my house... After the renovation is complete, then i move everything back? Or should i just leave the things in the house (which would be difficult to renovate? 2) during the renovation, should i stay outside in another place? or maybe i should go for a holiday? because during renovation, everything will be dusty, and the new coat of paint on my walls will produce poisonous smell, so i should stay away? should i just go for a holiday for 1month and throw everything to the contractor? THanks in advance for your advice.