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Found 12 results

  1. Hi.., i rent out an hdb flat with out agent. in the lease agreement that have hdb stamp duty state: not to make or permit to be made any alterations to the premises or to any fixture or fittings or deface any part of the premises. but somehow within just 1 month rent, the tenant created partition in living room for bedroom without inform or seek approval from me. when I tell the tenant to remove the partition, the tenant do not want coorporate/ agree to remove the partition and want to think about it first for 1 week. any suggestion what i can do in advance? to me it is clear the tenant has a not good intention for not coorporate/ agree to remove the partition and want to think about it for 1 week.
  2. Request for Quotation 1. Hack 1.9m drywall and make good (broken red line) 2. Relocate the electrical points and cable TV to new partition. 3. Erect 4m double sided partition wall panel inclusive of rockwool. (Blue lines) 4. Clear glass swing door 80cm width 5. Paint partitions incl. Sealer paint 6. Dismantle a tv cabinet and clear all debris 7. Weather proof material barrier at balcony 1.68m (like those garden type. See second pic for example) WA me at http://wa.me/6587678374 with your rough quote first. Thanks.
  3. Hi looking for quotes and recommendation for L-shape partition of my 5 rm HDB study area. Length (3m) - with sliding window and Width (2.6m) - with door Appreciate if you can pm me with individual quote of each item: - construction of partition wall - window (sliding) - door (swing) - door (sliding) - painting of new wall Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I'd like to put in a simple partition in our living room to create a more private study/work area - can anyone recommend a contractor? Thanks in advance everyone, cheers!
  5. hi, i want share some tips to rent out a flat my own experience. - don't rush to rent out your flat. even a central location flat that walkin to mrt station under shelter in 5 min, could be take 6-9 months or more to get a good tenant. - don't judge the tenant by their profession, nationality, personal status, etc. many people think local people could be less problem of payment, cooperation, etc compare other nationality. many people think have single's tenant is much better than a family that have young kids. dirty place can be somehow clean up with relative small cost but damage place definitely need more cost. - don't shy/ shame to have more than 10-20 pages of lease agreement. make sure the lease agreement written in clear, simple, plain, readable or understandable by common people for each rules/ conditions. do not thinking, it is a standard/ common sense thing. what you think it is standard/ common sense thing maybe not for other people. - be open and straight forward in the begining of the deal, before accept the downpayment. make sure every thing been said have writeen in the lease agreement in simple, plain and understandable english sentence. be open or honest that this agreement is a pure/ 100% business transaction and not something like charity/ non profit/ mercy relief organization, where you can accept a-z, incredible, touching story (just assume it is a real story) of what ever. please don't get anything wrong/ feel shy/ shame about it in the first place, because some tenant think, they are dealing with charity/ non profit/ mercy relief organization instead of normal individual owner. - don't shy/ shame to ask tenant lifestyle/ comfortable level. again, don't judge the tenant by their profession, nationality, personal status, etc. be mature and straight forward that the rent cost is this price for this location/ place. i believe and sure for same available bedroom no. the rent price will be different whether it is 5 or 50 minutes walk to mrt or whether it is central or outside central. because some people have/ used to a very high lifestyle/ comfortable level but with normal earning level. and to achieve that very high lifestyle/ comfortable level, these people will try anything from a-z, incredible, touching story (just assume it is a real story) for excuse of their defence. again, please don't get anything wrong/ feel shy/ shame about it in the first place, - terms of late payment should be as clear as possible. don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence for late payment terms. is it ok if every month payment late more than 10 working days? if payment late than 10 working day, tenant paid the late interest, than when should be the tenant pay for the remaining months. is it ok if every month tenant paid the late interest payment? if the payment due on 1st day of the month, is that mean you will receive the money of that day, or the tenant will take out the money on that day but landlord received 1-3 days later (something like bank transfer/ auto giro/ post/ etc) sad to be hear/ know, something like this people will think/ say "late 1-3 day, you already not happy". to be honest and mature, can you say every month "late 1-3 day, you already not happy" to your car/ flat/ credit card loan person in charge? - be clear about how many bedroom available. if you have 1 bedroom locked, don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreement, that the room available is exclude that locked bedroom. don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreement, more detail that any kind/ situation, partition to make additional bedroom is not allowed for what ever reason. - be clear about how many percentage that the flat will be use as home, home office, bedrooms and bathrooms only, etc don't shy/ shame to ask this question and write it in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreemen. do you care if your flat from previously a normal place for living become a pure bedroom and bathrooms only. - don't shy/ shame to share your expectation to rent out a flat. if you expect, a family who will live as a normal family, need kitchen, need living room, need dining room, etc, please stick firm to that expectation. if you expect, any people will do, maybe no need kitchen, no need living room, no need dining room, etc, you can do that too. - be clear about how many average people will visit or just come in and come out in a week. don't shy/ shame to ask this question and write it in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreemen. do you want about 10-30 different peoples each week in average visit your flat? because some neighbor with young kids feel not comfortable about so many different people come in and out/ by pass their corridor daily. i hope my experience can help many landlord to get a good tenant.
  6. SGFrames.com (Property of Barakkath Trading Pte Ltd) was founded in 2011 by Master Framer A S Deen who is known by his craftsmanship and trade professionalism. As a skilled framer with a stubborn obsession with quality and precision, A S Deen sharpened his skills over 15 years in the industry which is piled by his grandfather Mr Syed Mohammad in the 1960s at Malacca, Malaya. His grandfather gifted the skills to the next generation which allow us to extend the business to Singapore in the 1980s. Later A S Deen quickly learned the Art of Crafting the frames from his ancestors by the traditional methods using bench tools and his pair of hand started to deliver stunning frameworks and precious artworks which justify the memories held within them. SGFrames.com to compete the modern market, operates its own factory space with state of the art machinery to satisfy the Clients on premium quality and faster turnaround time without compromising on precision of traditional and modern craftsmanship. Today SGFrames.com capable of do Framing works from Low end to High End production for any size. We have grown a long way to expand our services not only the retail customers. But also to Art Galleries, Photographers, Art Exhibitors, Event / Advertising Companies, Freelance Artists, Hotels, Interior Designers, Contractors and etc. SGFrames.com not only offers regular framing services but also offers unique services such as supply and installation of Glass for automobiles, shower screens, table tops, Shop Front, etc.
  7. Partition wall and door required for dining area, please provide with cheapest quote.
  8. Hi I have balance of 10 pcs of partition curtain for sales- Material is waterproof lightweight PVC Dimension of one individual pcs is 39cmX39cm. These are some of the "sample" of post DIY pictures. Asking for S$6/pcs - all take all at S$50 by self collection.
  9. need to do a partition in my living room But don't wan any drilling Any contractor doing it Pls contact Justin@ 9856 6454 and quote ur price(sms only due to work) Can call after 5 pm Thks and regards
  10. As listed above, need recomendations for reliable and fair contractors. NO ID NEEDED. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kNpzbPh9qTjF5A_W81JeQpEOOK0bt7wF1IyOkemS-fs/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UMkg48t9ccW_yJl-7nWp6bCqw_0Sw9GREQLfpOdrTO4/edit?usp=sharing Things that i require: 1. Partition walls needed to be build in RED 2. 6 internal doors 3. carpet on upper mezzanine 4. mezzanine to be built. Need contractors to quote estimates on the image above. Ground area is about 980sqft Ceiling height is 5.5m
  11. Does anyone know how much it costs to do a glass partition for a study area and which companies do this in Singapore? Pictures for illustration...