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  1. Is a matte finished dark colored hardwood flooring is better or shiny white toned hardwood get the perfect look for a bright living room? Can any one suggest?
  2. Can anyone suggest the perfect flooring for a living room which has wood finished colored walls with bright lighting?
  3. Wood flooring is the powerhouse for every flooring manufactures. They are the most selling floors in recent times.
  4. Can anyone suggest new carpet trends? Any new type or materials used and any new updated designs? If so please list them below.
  5. Which is more durable in high traffic areas? Also which is easier to maintain in winter seasons?
  6. Right wood flooring might answer all your concerns. Choose the layer 3 wood material in the market which can last long for years
  7. Hello, all I just wanted to install tile flooring in my new home can any one please suggest best trends?
  8. If you are so much concerned with budget, go with carpet flooring. If not go with laminate which is an easier option and gives more look. But for kitchen, it's better to go with hardwood flooring. If else your home will be a high traffic area better go for hardwood entirely.