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  1. bumpss... SCANTEAK dining table and chairs for sale. The dining set is still in good condition. - 1 x FLOAT DINING TABLE 180CM http://www.scanteak....ing-table-180cm - 2 x PACIFIC DINING CHAIR http://www.scanteak....ic-dining-chair - 4 x SOMA DINING CHAIR http://www.scanteak....ma-dining-chair selling the whole set for $2400 neg. (bought it for $3000) Please click on the link for the pics.
  2. Hi, A 6 months old SCANTEAK dining table and chairs for sale. The dining set is still in good condition. - 1 x FLOAT DINING TABLE 180CM http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/dining-room/tables/20021-float-dining-table-180cm - 2 x PACIFIC DINING CHAIR http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/dining-room/chairs/23808-pacific-dining-chair - 4 x SOMA DINING CHAIR http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/dining-room/chairs/23105-soma-dining-chair selling the whole set for $2400 (bought it for $3000) Please click on the link for the pics. Any query, please call/ text Derek at 94889421 or email to rictoh@hotmail.com. Thanks.
  3. yes, i did. They did refund as promised end of June. but I will not purchase anything from them again....even when they have sales and nice designer items. dont want to go thru the disappointment after waiting for months and preparing the house for it.....found it unprofessional of them not to inform the customers of any changes to products.
  4. brand new and already assembled by ikea.... willing to let go cheaper then what i paid for the items (which include delivery and assemble charges)
  5. i did ask for a full refund and they agreed but can only refund end of the month...am worried if they will go back on their words (dont want to end up with 2 tables) while i am searching for another table to be delivered by next week....which is tough as most shops need 2 weeks to delivery.... they really make it unpleasant for us who is looking forward to having that white marble table in the new house.. and given us such a short time frame to go search for another table!! just a warning when purchasing from AIR...even a company like that can behave as such...reputation is taking a dive... i know not everyone will get this unfortunate incident but just take pictures of the items purchase and stress on the quality...no one wants to receive an item which is totally different from what you bought...that's unprofessional of the business.
  6. hi, selling 2 shoe cabinets from IKEA. just delivered and assembled by ikea on 13th jun but size is too big. brand new and didnt use yet... willing to let go cheaper but collect yourself and no hassle to assemble. here's the model and dimensions
  7. my dining table issue I purchased the dining table from AIR....the one at wilkie road. it's a white marble top with walnut solid wood legs. I waited 2 months for the marble top to be shipped in from greece since the display piece has yellow cracklines. on the day of delivery, this is what was delivered. what a shocker as the color and lines are all totally wrong. called up and complained to reject. then they told me the white marble i saw was no longer available hence this is the new batch of "white" marble.....wow...no longer avail but didnt think of informing the customer! and just delivered any piece? they offered me an alternative by asking if i'm interested in another diff piece of marble top that is tapered instead... no harm looking as we are all very upset and pissed....went down to the warehouse today to look. the piece they showed us is really white but with a cluster of grey patch in a corner....not too bad it seems until we looked closer...it's full of tiny sand grains holes! what the **** who will want to purchase a dining table with holes even if it's natural....whatever sauce and curry in these holes will never be able to clean since they are so small and many.... we asked if there is any more pieces to select....the manager said there is still 1 piece but reserved for by customer who they have yet to deliver......so it's for a customer then who are we?? are we not customer as well??!! in the end, we asked for a full refund which they agreed but only end of the month! we are very upset over this incident....as we waited so long for this table and when it's due for delivery, this sh*t happened. frankly speaking, for a company like AIR who sells expensive designer furniture, i would expect more QC and quality... if you know the available of the material is in question, have to inform customer to see if he/ she is willing to accept. this is totally unacceptable!! and to think they have 4 months to check and ensure. so for all who are interested in purchasing from AIR, just be careful and take picture of the items you purchased and ensure it's of the same quality.....if you must, just state this white marble incident to the staff at wilkie road to remind them not to play around with your purchases. Now we are without a dining table and have to run around searching for one since we are moving in and having open house.
  8. I went to CCM (www.ccm.sg) they have many branches and the staffs there very helpful. As for my schneider switch, ccm (the branch i went to) dont have the one i have installed as they are purchased by the ID & his electrician.
  9. Mon Beds & mattresses - there has been a mistake made and the beds and mattresses are not in Singapore yet! so upset! wasted a day waiting for nothing....the manager and owner apologised repeatedly...promised delivery next monday... guess i will see how next monday goes first before final comments. Tues Sofa - good. on time and fast...no damages to walls and floor...the delivery guys are very careful. Wed Dining table - major headaches...am not expecting this from a company like this and it's not cheap!! (even after discount) very very upset! I will post more more later by itself so that fellow members/ readers can watch out. Thurs curtains - very pleased with the curtains and rod installation. clean and careful with the walls and floors. I ordered mine from Miki curtains from JB...anyone keen can let me know.... ikea - delivery and assemble went well but 1 delivery guy is extremely fast and not so careful...have to keep telling him to be careful and slower....but overall not bad.... bought a book cabinet, study table, chair and sofa bed... and shoe cabinets which I planning to sell...wrong size..sigh...anyone interested? fully assembled by ikea and brand new...i can let go cheaper if anyone wants to take both, delivery not provided.
  10. it's been a busy week of furniture deliveries. I didnt expect furniture deliveries could be this tricky and headaches as well!!
  11. ya..the glass works had many mistakes....out of 5 glass doors...i have 3 changed due to cracks...1 more still pending whether to change or not as it's a black mark across..sigh.... i do really hope they have different sets of carpenters....if they dont, i sure will not recommend my relatives who do solely woodworks to them.... tilers they have are good...so for those redoing the floors, can consider...but monitor the carpentry if they use solely 1 company..