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  1. Interesting read below.. Not sure how many Renotalkers here have actually read this... I'm not sure how many Renotalkers here have actually read this #allsingaporestuff article that has been doing rounds on Facebook, allegedly about a renovation conman named Loy Chuang Yee, director of renovation company Decor Creative Construction Pte Ltd... And I say 'allegedly' although the person who shared his experience on #allsingaporestuff seems to be genuine.. He even has a police report to show for it! Apparently this renovation conman cheated 2 families of a staggering SGD50,000... Really shocking and sad.. Anyway I'm sharing it here for all to read and to help spread awareness in our Renotalk community of such despicable scum... And hope by doing so that many new Renotalkers can avoid unnecessary heartache during what should be a happy renovation journey for them!! For more information you can access the actual news site by clicking here. @ALPHAEV7 RINNAI OVEN CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Just a while back on 24th Sep, 4.41PM, fellow Renotalker @alphaev7 issued an innocent challenge to me that I brought up to my dearest CFO... And that's where it all started... Actually the poor fella only posted 'hi leonjenna, What Oven are you using? Is it the Rinnai one? How is it?". Wahahahaha... Ok you know what, I think for once I will really let the pictures speak for themselves... RINNAI OVEN IN ACTION! BEFORE (like those slimming commercials hahahaha) and AFTER! I BRING TO YOU... RINNAI-OVEN-BAKED GARLIC MILK WHOLE CHICKEN WITH CARROTS, POTATOES & MUSHROOMS TOPPED OFF WITH SAGE As I mentioned before, if the taste of the food is in any way an indicator of how good the oven is, I have to say this is one SUPER DELICIOUS OVEN! Even the chicken breast meat was moist and wahhhhh.. I really wish I can eat it again soon. *SLURP* CLOSE UP OF #GRAFUNKT CIRCUS DISH USED AS PLANTERS Following some emails asking of close-ups of my #Grafunkt circus dish in my living area, here it is!! Hopefully will be able to plant some mint.. dill.. thyme.. parley.. basil.. etc etc... Anyway that's all for today!! The haze seems to be back with a vengence these few days, so reminder to wear your N95 mask once the 24-hr PSI reading hits 100 and above & hydrate yourself well! Take care everyone!
  2. Hi B! Yeah for our scandinavian theme we followed closely to the bright-bright-look using white lights... Hehehe.. But ok lei so far CFO & I not dizzy at night wahahaha But we don't turn on all the living area lights at the same time definitely! Usually we will just turn on 1 or 2 rows.. All is well indeed and my variation order is coming! *fingers crossed* Thanks binzz for your kind commentssss! Hahaha.. I hope I managed to help in some way with the blog post on #JimmyTextiles.. Ok, after I ordered at their shop & paid deposit, still have to settle on a date for them to come down to do site measurement, after which they gotta go back to do the fabric sewing etc, before settling on a final date for curtain/blind installation!! Hmmmm from the date of the site measurement to the date of installation was about 2 weeks.. But that's also because I wasn't in a hurry and didn't chase them.. Could be faster if you have a more flexible schedule!! Hope all is well on your end binzz! Hi Mr Marvel fan AKA Ken82! Now I will forever remember that about you. Wahahaha... My living area uses the Elmark Aeronamic 56" fan, whereas all my bedrooms are using the 44" KDK baby fan.. All bought from Tampoi Lighting House in Johor Bahru.. See Post#292! Wahahahaha zen_zen... My reason for putting exhaust fans in both bathrooms is just so that... "No one else's business will become my business when I have to smell it"... Ok in case I tried too hard to come up with a smart quote & left everyone scratching their heads... Basically to remove all unwanted smells after all bathroom-related activities.. I bought my exhaust fans from Choo Chiang Marketing Pte Ltd (located in some godsaken-ulu-place in woodlands if I remember correctly) and they cost SGD61 each. We collected on the spot at their warehouse so I'm not sure if they have any transportation service/ fees... *shrug* After which, we got #PoshHome to supply & install an acrylic panel at an additional cost of SGD290 each.. And not forgetting the new electrical point tapping onto our main bathroom light switch & labour to install the exhaust fans themselves at SGD60 each.. Did I hear someone say hole in the pocket? Taken note PTopaz! Haven't blogged much about my Master Bedroom because it's really nothing much.. Stay tuned!
  3. BEFORE I BEGIN, HERE'S WISHING ALL OUR RENOTALK MUSLIM BRUDDERS & SISTERS, A VERY BELATED SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI!! And that includes you too #Mr&MrsDFMuscle... While CFO is cooking her brains out with her Biosafety Coordinator Course notes, I will sit beside her and offer her my moral support & quietly blog on our baby Solid Oak Dining Table.. RENOVATION TOUCHING UP! Let's see, I am skimming through the WhatsApp group photos with #CalvinTan & #Edgar... There were some minor painting touch-ups, paint stain clean-ups, small little bit of silicon re-application around my sideboard & shoe cabinet... And that's all!! Hahahaha I didn't realise that categorising it would make it sound so trivial! But eh, I'm really not kidding... CFO & I combed through the house quite thoroughly and I'm actually very pleasantly surprised by the (lack-of) touching up to do! Maybe the pleasant surprise can be attributed to my initial expectation that there will be a lot of touching up to be done... *shrug* Heh heh.. THE MUCH HERALDED HANDING-OVER. The handing over of keys was a little bit un-ceremonious because #Edgar had to rush off to another site.. I had dreamt there would be fireworks and confetti, with tears flowing aplenty, followed by a 10 minute-long thank you speech from me to the entire #PoshHome team that helped out in our memorable Leon & Jenna Reno Experience as we all sipped expensive cocktails and... AHEM, News Flash; only #Edgar was there to pass us our house keys ok! Wahahaha... So much for this big hoo-ha on this 'handing-over' event... SHEESH! BUT HEY, I got my house keys back eh? *wink wink* MORE PHOTOS ON DINING AREA!! My dearest CFO & I finally pieced together our white-and-wheat-coloured Wish Bone chairs together with our baby Solid Oak Dining Table!! Yummy yummy colour combination!! Oh, do take note that I have painstakingly tuned the photo colour to be more representative of the actual colour tones albeit using a smaller photo format.. MORE PHOTOS ON LIVING AREA!! Our fabric sofa, coffee table(s), TV console & planter dish finally have a fixed place in the house!! (it goes without saying that I was super-ngiao about the way they were arranged hehehe) Here they are!! At the same time do help me to decide which curtain-orientation is more suitable lei.. because CFO & I can't make up our minds... Front profile: Notice that we also bought a white cordless telephone for our home phone line.. Angled profile: With the curtains pulled apart & bound by the cloth strips to allow more natural light in... Angled profile again: This time curtains are let down and allowed to be drifting freely... I'm a bit more inclined to this look actually... What do the rest of you think? Which one looks nicer?? PASTEL BLUE BIRCH WALL CLOCK IS FINALLY UP! @yuna82, as mentioned before we actually used the 3M (3.6kg loading type) metal plate & hook variant to put up our wall clock! We followed the instructions found behind the packaging which said to let the 3M hook adhere to the wall surface for 1 hour FREE FROM ANY LOAD first.. It has been quite a long time and nothing has fallen off! Haha.. Hmm upon seeing this photo, mental note to stop adding more pastel colours to the living/ dining area colour palette... Lest it looks too wacko. Wahahaha... EH, MY CFO SLEEP LIAO! BO JIO! Wahahaha... Aiya I better go and sleep now too... And here's hoping everyone had a refreshing long weekend & are ready to do battle at work tomorrow!RAWR!! Peace out..
  4. Yeah we experienced the same! The block clock is really a (battery juice) sucker. Wahahaha... Anyway CFO had this amazing idea to place it above our bed-head & plug it into the wall socket at the side of our master wardrobe! See photo below! One thing to note though, the block clock is like super bright at night.. Thanks fantasy! My doors are not glossy at all lei.. Anyway come to think about it, glossy surfaces are not very suitable for my theme in my opinion... *shrug* Haha.. Thanks for your recommendation bianzi! I went down to help #MrDFMuscle to buy the #Bona Spray Mop yesterday! REALLY ONLY $50 OMG. Bugis BHG cheated me of $21.70. @#$%^&* Wahahahaha... To all other Renotalkers, today (6th Oct 2014) is the last day to grab this offer at Takashimaya, so hurry now while stocks last..