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  1. Erm....i forgot the name. i only know solid top, technical name, am not sure. David ever mentioned but i STM (short term memory) haha. ..i only know this one if got stain better wipe fast fast.
  2. 10K if you do "VERY SIMPLE" basic kitchen necessities including wall and floor tiles, i believe should be enough, maybe got excess for bathroom Am not sure la, singapore EVERYTHING COST UP. work like mad, money gone in a flash
  3. Me too, now that im done with mum's place, i can do mine. My husband dislikes the idea of having loans, practically any kinds of loans (except housing loans payable by CPF, that one no choice. Uwekk!! ). So now saving up for reno works in own house. Hopefully soon. It'll be budget also. hahaha.
  4. Hello everyone!! Finally its Thursday today and finally has time to upload the pictures. Was so busy at work this past few days, no time to update. Ok so mum had shifted to new place and we went over last Sunday to assist with the moving. Due to budget, we moved the stuffs things ourselves , carried ourselves , etc. (We really slept through the night after that :bleah:) Ok, the pictures. Firstly sorry for the poor photos. Am not a professional photographer, only used handphone for photo taking. Haha. Took the photos in a rush while shifting the stuffs here and there. The final works. All checked and everything looks fine and dandy. Kitchen is messy due to shifting, important thing for now is the cabinets not the minor mess, which will be cleaned and stored properly once all items are in. Pipes had been box up. David was kind enough to do a layer of tile inside the box unit if ever we need to store any plastic bags or small bottles of detergent.Previously was just raw cement. The inner cabinets was made simple, just nice for a small family. Stove fixed. Rubbish chute fixed. Photos do not do justice, but physically it was a good job done. Thats about all the photos that i managed to take on that day.So sorry am not able to write a long post, have to get back to work. Have a good day!!
  5. Hi abmi21, i only did kitchen, but i did ask him before if her did bathrooms or any other part of the house, and he said yes. Will update with pics soon.
  6. Kitchen is finally completed on last Sunday. Went over to mom's place to take a look and its looks pretty good. Workmanship is good, no hassle with anyone and its fast. Took around 5 days i think?? Anyway to cut the story short, i forgot to take the final works pictures. Will be going to mom's place again this Sunday and will try to post up the pictures by early next week, Good day to everyone!!
  7. Hi myzticalz, this Jiamei is a family business. David told me he took over his dad. Now his dad is semi retired. Hopefully he does a great job although im always bargaining with him for a gd price. U can consider him if u like what he does for my mum's plc. Will update u with the pics once reno is done. Im told maybe arnd 2 more weeks.
  8. Hi, Yes, you enquired from him before?
  9. Finally bought all the necessary items for the kitchen at 1 of the hardware shop at Bukit Batok, (recommended by David as its cheaper then market rate) Only thing is that all pictures/references have to based on their catalouge as their shop is not big enough to accommodate so many things. Stove actual price at $370, got further discount on it. Simple sink, big & deep enough to fit a wok (with tap mounted to 1 side instead of centre) Simple tap. Also bought 2 WC for each bathrooms. This is the only physical sample that we can see at the shop. Purchased 2 units of similar design with white soft closing lids.Lids will not be greenish as per sample. In all spent less then $750.00 (before GST hor). Deliveries for these items will be between the shop and David, heng ah my life will be easier. Already got so many other things in my hand. 1st downpayment made on Sunday 09/02, and today they will start to craft out the cabinets 1st at their own worksite.