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  1. And I have this mirror to give away. Self collect.
  2. A friend is selling this light. She has two of them. 40sgd each. Interested please email royalbluedress @ hotmail.com (remove space).
  3. Yes it was intentional. But not sure it's a good idea because this bathroom has poor ventilation and now the walls are getting stains that seem to be formed due to moisture in the bathroom. Probably should have tiled up the whole bathroom.
  4. Erm, the sales assistant probably never lived with cats before. Our cat scratched and destroyed a whole leather sofa, using it as her scratching post. Then we replaced it with a teak sofa.
  5. Regarding the Yale digital lock, after living with it for several months, I must say I am very frustrated with it. The lock always fails to recognize my fingerprint, I could keep trying again and again and it just refuses to recognize it. Once I got so fed up I kept trying until the lock was disabled and I had to wait like 3 minutes for it to allow entry again. Most times I would give up after several tries and use the PIN instead. Other digital lock users, do you have the same problem?
  6. So I mentioned before my contractor made a mistake and did not give me Blum hinges for the kitchen and living room cabinets when I have already paid for them. They offered to replace the hinges but the replacement would not be a neat one, so I decided not to go ahead. Now, after several months and many reminders, she finally gave me a refund for the difference, and it was a pathetic $100. If the difference between Blum hinges and brandless hinges is so insignificant, then everyone should just go ahead and use Blum! Why did people actually spend time to consider to Blum or not to Blum? It's interesting how when they quote a high price, they claim it's due to certain expensive components. But if for some reason they don't or forget to give you the expensive components, they say the difference in price is not big. Lesson learnt - get a quote for using expensive components and an optional quote for not using the expensive components so there's no future disputes in the price difference.
  7. Sorry I don't know. I told my contractor what I wanted and she chose it.
  8. Not all, but most are warm white except one set of down lights in kitchen and and one down light in common bathroom.
  9. Got mine from Fabulous Curtains. Service is good. http://fabulouscurtain.com/
  10. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007TG5EG8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Found one sold by Amazon, slightly more ex but it ships to SG and together with my other items, I managed to get free shipping to SG. Thanks
  11. But didn't your contractor discuss with aircon people to come out with the best trunking route? My contractor (K's assistant) met up with aircon guy together with me and we discussed best way to put up the trunking.
  12. Have some time today and started painting an old ikea basket. It's time consuming though. The photo frame is much easier.