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  1. Hi hi, yes, that's WIW inside my MBR! u can refer to my blog for more updates! http://ladysuki.net/blog
  2. Thks, Songz. In fact, it's just a warm and mood lighting on its own with/without the seaweed! Hee... sometimes when we are watching movie, we dim all curtains and off all lights, and will turn on this light, just for a bit of warm lighting so that it's not so dark afterall. Sorry for the super late reply.
  3. Thanks, pforpeggy. Oh, it's not available in Singapore as we bought it in Taiwan, Yilan. =) Yes, it's filled with real seaweed and water, just like how fishes are reared, we need to feed them and change water weekly. Hello Sappyd, it's a shop called Ethnicraft. Both our TV Console and Coffee Table from them.
  4. Bingo! Thanks! Yeah.. we wanted something different.. because we don't need a dining area.. and in return, we gained a bigger living space! =) Thanks!!
  5. *hands itchy* I'm back with more updates after moving in for three weeks!! A partition as our Entry Foyer. Our make-shift dining table when we have guests over. Seaweed Lights. Muji and Ikea.
  6. *fingers crossed* So far so good. and those kitchen hooks are from IKEA.
  7. Hi, please see below picture I've previously attached, shower screen in both bathrooms.
  8. Hello Orb, here are some of the lightings we bought from Taobao... Study room Muuto lights: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.0.0.lbRZoc&id=35184135884 Muuto Pendant Light http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.5h9xJS&id=21962407185 Master bedroom light: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.5h9xJS&id=18577588071 Form Pendants http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.5h9xJS&id=18978657239 DNA light http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.0.0.5h9xJS&id=16639226670
  9. Oh.. my quotation only included 5 blum drawers for Kitchen wor.. the rest are stated as soft-closing but not Blum.. can see the difference when I close the doors, but no choice, it's not in my quotation, I'm sure you can add-on if you wish, just top-up $ lor...
  10. Yea, here you go. Bathroom Floor: Q0C6153624 (size: 15x60) $3.20psf Bathroom Wall: CT-36616 (size: 30x60) $2.80psf Yes yes, go home and try! kekeke... Thanks!
  11. Hi tortoise55! thanks! So you were the couple whom he told me he brought up... hehehe.. he said u all took photos as well? Yea, toilets floor and wall tiles are from hafary ($2plus psf).. and toilet mirrors + vanity design + granite table top all by Mr K.. but of course we provided the design to him la...
  12. thank you! haha! now we just leave the common one swtiched on lorr... how come u end up switching both?
  13. Hi! Can only reply you now after using it for two days... The water heater is pretty awesome, so glad I don't have to see the bulky storage heater tanks! It works just like any instant heater, you turn on the water, and it takes a very short while, almost instant to heat up.. and you get warm water at the taps in the bathrooms too... hee.. so I can wash my face with warm water! Hee hee... but one thing I find it quite inconvenient is we need to turn on the water heater switch in the Common Toilet so that we get it in the Master Bathroom, maybe coz the water heater is installed in Common Toilet? I don't know why too... anyway, I guess it's fine if we leave it on all day. =p eelnaes, i blogged about it previously if you've read. It's the Evorich HERF Markham Oak Light. Anyway, you can read more about them here; http://goo.gl/L4n3fG bianzi, I didn't pay separately for the drawers, it's within one item together quoted with all the kitchen cabinets.
  14. Thank you, everyone! I'll be adding more furnishings slowly~~~ tho most of them are still sailing on sea from China. Hehehehee....