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  1. Hi fellow forummers, I see that Kompacplus kitchen tops are trending in some of the new BTO reno projects and it does blend in well for some themes with the sleek and thin look. But some have concerns of it being a new market entry and for its sleek thin look, can it withstand the day to day kitchen cooking, movement and handling that we generally do in the kitchen? Those who have used Kompacplus tops in your kitchen, your feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thank You,
  2. Hi, Is it normal that there is a "papery" feeling when you walk on vinyl flooring or is it supposed to feel more "hard woody"? I just renoed one of my rooms and I am not sure if that feel is due to the dirt or the quality of the flooring. Appreciate your comments. Thank You
  3. Hi, I also am doing a whole house EA reno of an old EA unit (141 sq ft) and most of the quotes from IDs and contractors range from 70k to 90k being the most pricey. If you are doing built in wardrobes and a good number of carpentry, it could come up to 80k. If there is less carpentry involved, the pricing may be lower to around 60 to 70k. Everything depends on the specifics of you reno project.
  4. Mine is resale and I am planning to have Opennet fix the TP at the TV console area just like you had done. My electrician was telling me that for data points for other rooms, they will start pulling the cable from where the router is to be lcoated. Does that mean that I need to have Singtel to have set up all the modem and router in place before they do it? or does he mean that he will simply leave the cable end at the desired router location and later on when Singtel sets up, I just connect the cable to the router? Please advise. Thank You
  5. Hi everyone, For a resale apartment renovation, if I intend to subscribe to Singtel Fibre plan with Mio TV, is there still a need for me to have TV,SCV and phone points installed? I understand that some people say that TV points are no longer required unless you intend to watch free 2 air channels without any mio/starhub subscription. I would like to clarify this issue and hope some of you will be kind enough to help. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, I intend to do re-running of piping for system 4 for 4 rms as well. Would you mind sharing your air con guy' s contact? Thank You
  7. Hi Jane, Have you completed your home's electrical works so far? Would you mind recommending him based on the workmanship? Thank You
  8. I have used 3 Fanco ceiling fans in my home for 6 years and so far they have been reliable. What I like about Fanco is also their service. One of my fanco fans had a motor problem recently and the fanco staff responded swiftly to replace and service the fan. I am not too sure about the other 2 brands.
  9. Really like how you incorporated dark colours in your home, Makes it unique. May I check whether your living room windows are north facing? I read online that north facing homes get a weaker light and so they may be dim. Surprisingly, using dark colours makes such spaces look better. I wonder if yours is the same as well.
  10. Hi RedStar, Does that mean that both the 1st appointments and the completion appointments (2nd appts) are staggered by 3 weeks also? Please advise. Thank You
  11. Hi Perthy, My ID recommended Kompacplus top for kitchen too and I haven't decided. So how long have you been using it in your kitchen? Is it durable, scrtach resistant and also can you place hot items on the counter top? I am asking as my family does frequent cooking. Thank You
  12. Awesome home! I loved how you cleverly opened up the space in your place and am inspired to do the same. Btw, may I know whether your living and room windows are facing north, south,east or west? My current ones are facing north and so a feeble amount of sunlight comes in and so I am thinking of opening up the spaces to let in more light as well. Your place looks brilliant with light. Thank You
  13. Hi, Please provide a quote for the following items. ELBA Hob EHS 945 SB Samsung Fridge 530L RT53 TMF LG TV 46LD550 Joven Heater 25L Horizontal Model Thank You,
  14. Hi everyone, Seeing some of the good design ideas that you all contribute, I would like to seek your opinion regarding painting and colour scheme. My new HDB unit has all windows facing the North and so it gets some reflected daylight into the hall/balcony area and rooms. What would be a good colour scheme (apart from white) you would choose if you wanted to make the place feel spacious and airy? Would appreciate all of your feedback. Thank you very much (Balcony area facing out North pic taken at 12 noon) .