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  1. hi! so sorry, i just saw this! do you still need the contact?
  2. hi! main door - i didn't change it, only varnished it. gate vendor is good. i found him through Carousell. very responsive, communicated via what's app, and we are happy with it. been a year now
  3. HI everyone! after a really long hiatus (sorry, been busy moving in and setting up home), i'm back! this time just to upload some photos. it's been 3 months since we moved in, and of course the house is much more lived in right now. the photos i'm uploading are taken just after reno so of course very clean and brand new. enjoy! our main grille. decided to change it and i don't regret it one single bit. LOVE IT! bedrooms. we installed new Fanco ceiling fans and changed the bedroom doors.master toilet with the kompacplus top color chosen to match with our tiles!cooker hob and hood. they work really well. glad i got 3 cooker rings because sometimes i use all 3 at oncefrom the living area to the dining area!love this shelf from Ikea. SO USEFUL.our lovely living room.
  4. yes! i've changed all my switches. electrician was thru my contractor, price was reasonable too. can't remember how much but probably a couple of hundred dollars. and we bought our switches from a place in woodlands called Choo Chiang Marketing. switches cost about $160 altogether (we replaced ALL the switches and sockets).
  5. and i would like to officially announce that renovation is complete! (21st January 2016). The work took just over a month. Overall, I am really pleased with Mr B and his team. there were no major hiccups at all. whatever we chose, e.g. laminate, kompacplus material, paint colours, bifold door colours, varnish... everything was done correctly. no mistakes at all. super happy and excited. this Saturday it will be completely complete (does that make sense?!) because the door contractor is coming. we'll be changing the main gate and the bedroom doors. after that i'll upload photos!
  6. so cheem! lol. ok, once i get the final pics, i will try to use one of these hosting sites. thanks guys
  7. Hoe Kee has the WORST cust service and delivery ever. We bought a number of items from them - taps, a basin-cabinet for the common toilet, hood and hob, kitchen sink, master toilet basin. all items arrived in good condition. points deducted because they were late for that delivery. anyway, about two weeks after installation of the common toilet cabinet, one of the doors had a defect. see pic below: looks weird right? just a swirl of glue on styrofoam. and this is during renovation (toilets already done so no reason to touch the toilet in case you're thinking the workers spoilt it). so we called up HK's cust service. they told us to what's app the photo, so we did. and then "Mr Sean" will get in touch with us the following day. but lo and behold - no news from him. My husband called HK twice more, and both times they said Sean is busy. I then called in the evening - by then Sean had left! best. Naturally i sounded pissed off. Oh and the lady had the audacity to say this product has no warranty as it is caused through wear and tear. What guarantee do I have that it won't get spoilt again? Anyway, I asked for them to come down ASAP to fix it. they agreed to come today (Monday, 18.1.16), between 1-4pm. As of now, 5.26pm, still no news. When my husband called them at 4pm to ask where they are, the cust svc took another 30 mins to get back to him to say they will come before 6. Then why give a 1-4pm slot? My husband took leave just for this! Pathetic. I should have checked their facebook page (full of 1 star reviews) before purchasing from them. Never again. At your own risk, guys.
  8. thanks girl! i think cos mine has less work to do mah. how to increase size of photos? i upload them to the gallery n then add it here from 'my media'..... :/
  9. update! so Mr B said that the renovation should be wrapped up by this week. Wednesday is the target, to be exact. now that we're hurtling towards the end, i'm pretty excited!! presenting to you... our kitchen cabinets complete with the tempered glass backing! we chose a mint colour because we thought it'd look really nice. and it does! the hood and built in oven have yet to be installed but this will be done later today. the kitchen is so much more spacious now! Saturday was busy. the main door guy came over to install our new lockset. we bought the Yale lockset because it just looks so classy. set us back by $110. we had the main door revarnished to a darker and glossier colour. finished product: nice right?! we decided to change the main gate as well as the bedroom doors from a separate vendor. the sales guy came over to do measurements. very nice guy, easy to approach. will update and give more feedback once the gate and doors are installed. this will probably be next week (after reno is complete). then we went to ikea tampines and blew $300+ on random stuff for the house! some things we bought: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40224164/ for the kitchen. we will put our rice cooking pot, small toaster oven, etc there because we don't have that much counter space as you can see. also bought an additional night stand, a set of dinner plates, some glasses, a small shoe rack to put outside the house, a mirror for the master toilet... last update for today: the arches! so the prev owners had added 'arches' to the house (see pic below). the original colour was reddish brown. we had it revarnished to a much darker brown. love! Hoe Kee is supposed to come this afternoon to repair that stupid broken door. hope they turn up on time. seriously bad cust service. Saturday - lots of loot arriving!! - the ceiling fans from Extreme Lighting - fridge, washing machine and microwave from Parisilk - sofa set from Big Box Exciting times are hereeeeee!
  10. hello and welcome to the crazy world of renovation!! love your theme. it's unique and if only i weren't so lazy (and probably had a bit more $$!), i'd go with similar tones and furniture. hehehe. looking forward to the start of your renovation and all the updates!