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  1. Haha! My husband only waters them once a week, as we're careful not to overwater. Must pick plants that aren't high maintenance and are hardy, so it's not that bad!
  2. Thank you! But I'm not able to see what you quoted so I'm not sure what you're referring to lol.
  3. Yeap, they filled it up with cement (I think?) to be able to withstand the weight of the hood etc. I personally don't like right angle counter space, as it's very easy to forget to clean those corners lol. The way the kitchen now actually is perfect, cos we'll have space for stuff on both sides, as opposed to just flushing the hob area to the extreme right or left.
  4. Soooo hiiii. I really do apologise for the radio silence (we moved in SIX MONTHS AGO!) but my only excuse is that I've gotten really good at procrastinating. The only thing I CAN say is that 6 months ago we moved in with cement flooring that eventually made the home feel cold and not warm or earthy and after going back and forth (and worrying about future kids developing rheumatism at an early age due to the cold flooring lol) we decided to just say heck it, let's go all the way, and install wood floors for the whole house. The apartment is still and will always be a work in progress, but I finally feel brave enough to share pictures with you guys. Warning: Many large photos ahead. First thing you see when you come in. There are plants in every corner, so get ready! Our string shelf is filled with books and weird things we've collected over the years. More plants Curtains and blinds are coming in next week (thank goodness we live on the highest floor and the next block is far away!) The whole view from the dining area. What you see if you were our curtains. This counter has made baking and cooking more enjoyable <3 I realllyyyy love how the colour blocking turned out. That annoying white line between the floor + counter has since been patched up. Because of the way our stove is positioned, we have ample space on the left and right for prepping. The shared office space when we have to bring work home + more plants ______ Well that's it! Hope this thread has inspired you guys when visualising your own homes. It's been fun sharing a piece of our lives here Will try and respond to messages as best as I can, if you have any. Thank you for sticking around!
  5. Yeah was quite unlucky with the handles - we really thought wrapping them up individually was a good idea lol. But it all turned out well =)
  6. Another week has passed, and how naive of us to think the last few days will go on smoothly. We faced two pretty major hiccups, but because I'm not the sort to agonise over these problems (especially when we have straightforward solutions), I'm just gonna mention them briefly. 1. Our cement screed turned out AWFUL. And it wasn't anyone's fault really. As you know, HDB has these new rules about only using their prepacked cement for screeding. My contractor applied an ultratop as the final overlay, and because the mixture didn't mix well, the floor turned out extremely patchy - some looked glossy, some parts look matte. There was also a strange bronze-y sheen. The solution is to hack the living + dining area and reapply the screed. No extra costs for us, because my contractor has graciously decided to absorb the expenses. Downside is, instead of moving in last weekend, we'll have to wait another week. 2. Remember how in love I was with our brass handles? Well, to transport them safely to the new home, my husband and I lovingly wrapped each handle with a paper towel. Unfortunately, when we unwrapped them...the patterns on the paper towels were engraved on our handles! Actually, some bits of tissue also stuck! Homg. All those hours of hard work. We decided to contact a guy to brass plate the handles instead - costlier, but also least a more permanent solution. On the bright side, the kitchen is almost ready! Lights are in, so are the aircon units. Funny how these things can really make a house feel home. If you've been following me from the start, you'll know our kopitiam chairs were a different colour before. We bought this awesome Annie Sloan chalk paint from Flower Girl at Dempsey, which doesn't require you to sandpaper off older coats of paint before adding a new layer. They adhere beautifully to the chairs, giving a matte look. They're about $80 for a one litre can though. But the paint goes a long way. Our bedframe from Commune is here! The Commune guys are awesome. We had three items delivered and installed the same day. I have very strong feelings for the tv console. Behind it is our built-in wardrobe for the MBR. Doesn't get more plain than beige heheh. Allow me to obsess over our kitchen for a while. The marble-esque countertop is in! I wish I had better pictures of this, but after installing they smartly covered the top to protect it while renovation is on going. Our entryway is painted a matching blue. We bought this really cute bench from Grafunkt and will place it there, plus a large colour-block mirror from Westelm. We decided to cube up the kitchen and use the beams to our advantage (in the next picture). If you can't hack 'em, show 'em off! What you see from the shoe cabinet. I love the outcome! The corridor leading to our bedrooms. As much as possible, we got doors that would allow some light in. And you can get a glimpse of our cmi flooring. Trust me, it's worse irl.
  7. So so loving your home! My eyes got heart-heart, I also go hnnnnggg I want!
  8. Ahh so much for wanting to remain anonymous! I think I know who you are =D And thank you for not outing me hahaha.
  9. Thanks, guys! It's all slowly but surely coming together. I'm a bit nervous about sharing pics of the completed house lol. Like so much pressure!