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  1. Hi all, I've bought a stainless steel sink however decided to let go at a lower cost due to change in the dimension for my sink area.. Overall Dimension :570mmX430mmX210mm ; 1.2mm thicknessComes with PVC pipings, Edges are round type, not 90 degree sharp edgeSuitable for undermountMatt finishing hence more resistance to scratches Actual pic of sink as shown. I am letting go at a lower cost of what I've paid. Pls pm me if u're interested or email to tintin_candy@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  2. hi may i check if mr yeak provides detailed/3D drawings? TIA
  3. Hi can you PM me your contact for granite and your ID's contact as well. Thanks!
  4. Great to see the progress.. Not easy to juggle btw wedding and reno! purposely held my wedding last year cuz this year gotta keys...*i hopeeee* Really know nuts about reno stuff and hub not helping alot to do research. angry die me
  5. Yes good deal indeed! Thanks for the info! btw the next sale is under which event ? The tempur sale u went is under which sale event? TIA hm why sensation and cloud is more suitable for non aircon rooms?
  6. Hi lancified, do u mind pm me yr contractor's contact? Thanks in advanced (:

  7. Hey yandm, did u manage to ask them where are they shifting to?
  8. Hi we are also setting our eyes on tempur mattress! do u have any idea hw much it costs for the mattress u bought before less? Wonder hw much lower is the sale and a full payment must be made and delivery can be requested at a later time ? Because we still have not collect our keys :/
  9. Hommage is shifting soon but nt sure to where.. Me and hub went dwn to see see look look and very friendly staff they have forgot the name of the guy who wears specs, he was the one who served us and gave us alot of suggestions and ideas for our flat. No hardsell though! we were there for more than 1 hr, didnt make any purchase... but they are till nice w us. made a trip to W*nn Furnishings to look at their range of sofas, really Wow by their prices Hommage still win us more! Will most likely get our sofa there
  10. can u share roughly how much does yr HERF flooring costs per sq ft? Thanks !
  11. Thks benauhc tht's quite a good news to us! but HERF's price is almost double the price of laminates right? yup, as in the carpenter is working under alan or u engaged your own carpenter? sorry very noob in all reno :/
  12. Hi yr nest is looking good!! we are thinking to use laminates for our flat.. came across HERF but dont think we can install these as we cannot hack the floor tiles away HERF is quite thick right? Just check w ya, the carpentry you are using also from alan? His sketches are quite steady! lols