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  1. May I also have the contact to the contractor of your sliding doors? Thanks.

  2. Jackwan, I've PMed you. Sliding door can have thread on the floor or on the beam
  3. Hi prody & february, I've PMed the both of you.
  4. Thank u very much Yes, now i've gotten used to it, so no longer regret the colours that I've chosen I've PMed you the contact. Cheers
  5. white glossy solid surface is super difficult to maintain. Stains very easily. Scratches are quite obvious too. I've given up keeping it in pristine white condition *sigh*
  6. They changed a new compressor for you? WOW! How nice! Now, I just need ppl with inverters to tell me that their compressors are SILENT. Sharp ppl said that all inverters have noise (accelarating audible humming noise even windows closed in the afternoon). If no noise = not inverters!! So far, our main problem is when all 3 air-con are switched on....wah... humming noise really audible & obvious.
  7. NOT RESOLVED. Compressor still noisy esp. when No.2 & No.3 air con switched on. Hubby escalated the issue to both Gain City & Sharp. Both sent their technicians to our place a couple of times. Sharp technician thought that it's not a problem & could be resolved. He did something to the bracket BUT the noise became worse - compressor became noisier even with only 1 air-con switched on! Then Sharp technicians came for the 3rd time. They took out the entire compressor & air-con bracket, added/modified somethings. STILL, no change to noise level at all!!! Finally, Sharp engineer came. DENY DENY DENY. Not a problem at all, he said. Inverters' compressors are all noise, he said. Non-inverters' compressors even noisier, he added. Funny thing is: technicians from Gain City all admitted that this new Sharp model's compressor has noise problem. BUT, everybody from Sharp denied the problem. There'll be a final meeting at our place with both ppl from Gain City & Sharp. Dunno when that'll be. Dunno what's gonna happen. Very bad customer service from Sharp. We're gonna boycott their products from now on!!