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  1. Done Thank you for the compliment I have PMed you the contact. As for the quotation, our needs would differ greatly so it wouldn't be of much help if I shared my quote with you. But I found he did a good job with my place
  2. Hello tings, unfortunately Mr Yeak doesn't provide such drawings; he's a full-fledged contractor so doesn't provide services like IDs. You will need to have an idea about what you want to be done if you are interested to work with him
  3. Very very nicely done! I love how the final product looks so coordinated! Just absolutely lovely
  4. Hello Harriette and SummerGirl, Thanks for dropping by! I haven't been checking my blog and just saw your posts! I've PMed you the contact details so all the best for your renovation!!
  5. Hello jaykr, If I were to choose solely between the original brick wall and the painted wall, I would go with the painted wall. My reasoning is that, yes the latter looks unnatural with its exceptionally bright red colour, but I will not live with a wall that has traces of cement all over it. To me it looks unfinished and would give a "dusty" feeling which I won't like. That's just my opinion
  6. Thank you zihui!! All the best for in your reno journey and hope you learn loads through this forum :)
  7. Thank you 3Dyms! Hahaha bad bad Caesarstone! The quartz top was the only thing that didn't stain during the housewarming party even after all the wine that spilled on it. Phew! I went down to HomeFix yesterday to get the leather cleaner (Zymol) but haven't tried it out yet; the stain appeared to have almost disappeared when I went back home last evening all ready to clean it. Maybe my eyes have just accepted it as a permanent fixture Thanks alfredt! All the best with your reno
  8. We finally got our internet all set up over the weekend but didn't get time to do much on this forum because.. We had our Housewarming Party! (1st of 4 :/ ) (still setting up) It was a great time with family and friends with some damage to the sofa and "entertainment room" wall It was a terrible heartache to see the stains and scratches but I've consoled myself that this isn't the worst; 3 more parties later I can weep . Well, just buy a better cleaner and a paint brush and we are ready for some touch ups! Here are the sofa and coffee table in pristine condition when they first arrived The full view of the living now: Lastly, alfredt, I hope the pictures below will help answer your questions Location of the aircon compressor On the left is the washing machine area and storage cabinets and opposite it are the poles to hang up the clothes Hope this helps!!
  9. Hello linglun and mishmish, PMed you Breezy, your inbox is full!! mishmish, I can't say that everyone will have scratches, it's just that if scratches are spotted, I would like them to fix it asap, which they did. So do take a closer look when everything's cleaned up and don't be afraid to go back to them for anything Btw, what colour did you pick?? I can't see any of your picss
  10. I haven't forgotten your request alfredt! Hee 2 more days :)
  11. Late last week we spotted 3 scratches on the kitchen countertop and there was no way we could have made those scratches ourselves as in our sample testing we had to use a very significant amount of effort before being able to scratch the top and all 3 scratches were perfectly parallel and ran from 1 end to the other, across the width. It was actually very hard to spot them and they came to light only when my husband whn my husband was scrutinising the slab the day we moved in. Of course we were not pleased at having seen that and called up the relevant people who responded very quickly by coming down to take a look. The worker who installed the slab went all defensive and said something along the lines of, you guys must have made it because you didn't bring it up when we installed it. Tsk! I admit we didn't bring it up after installation but it was only because, combined with our excitement and very faint scratch lines (can't be felt), it was extremely hard to spot! But the OM was very nice and works started yesterday to grind down the affected area and today works are continuing to repolish the whole slab. Very swift response by the Silestone folks and the OM even stayed back yesterday to clean up the whole kitchen and dining which had become very dirty by the end of the whole procedure. And in other news, we just received confirmation regarding the sofa and coffee table delivery tomorrow and yayyyy! That's just awesome! Yesterday the open net folks came as well and everything will be activated only on 20th July. Will try to upload pics of the deliveries as soon as internet is up
  12. Thank you potatoes!! It's juts frustrating because it's the last leg. haiz! Well, we'll wait and see how things go this week with Novena Thanks alfredt! Haha sure, we'll take some pictures and upload them soon to answer your questions. You're right that the drying area is opposite the washing machine We are using aluminium poles instead of the bamboo poles and only reason was aesthetics We didn't use and of the systems available as the poles seem sufficient. We don't have internet at our place as of yet, so will get back to you on this asap! As for contractor's details, please check PM
  13. So we have moved in and started slowly unpacking while waiting for the last of our orders; a coffee table and sofa set from Novena. So the original delivery date set was 13th July and the salesman kept saying how for sure by 13th July can, latest will be 15th July. So we said, alright then, write the delivery date as 13th July and the last day of delivery to be 15th July. At this point the salesman hesitated and said, ok I'll write 17th July but for sure 13th July no problem. We accepted that and left expo. About 1 week later, the salesman called me up and asked if the delivery date could be postponed to 16th July from the initially agreed 13th July and I agreed. And finally, today afternoon again he called asking if we could postpone delivery to 19th July as shipment was delayed, must do QC etc etc...and I lost it. I don't wanna go into the details of the conversation now which consisted primarily of me yelling at him while he became all thuggish, but if he does not message me a confirmed date (which he said he will be today) or if my deliveries get delayed any further beyond 18th July (which he verbally agreed to after much arguing) there will be some table banging and refunds happening at Novena, Bukit Timah branch.
  14. If you have space then you should! I think it's actually very fun!! Oh u mean they usually don't??
  15. Lol! I think most of the major quartz brands have the logo. Thank you potatoes!