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  1. sharing some of my purchases from qoo10.com princess border sticker for my girls room windy sofabed from korea, for the girls room too! and roller blinds for girls room and service yard
  2. Full height cabinet with built-in oven in the kitchen slimline iQuartz counter top MBR Bathroom I have a relatively small wardrobe for me and hubby, 5.5ft
  3. View at night with lights on, from the main entrance dining area Common bathroom
  4. Sorry I've been away..but now I'm Back with more photos KITCHEN sorry for the poor image quality, backsplash and lightings in the kitchen have yet to install my brazilian walnut and piano white kitchen
  5. hi abg mamad, thank you for liking our small birdnest. you getting your new house too eh? which bto? sure, i will email you my ID contact. we'll be organizing housewarming on the 22nd dec 2012 sila la datang
  6. yeay! 5th Dec 2012 - is the HANDOVER date!!! finally pheww =)

  7. hi girl.. ur house in champion court ? im living in woodlands. wanted to hv ID to re do my 5 room... wanted something simple n spacious like yours. can u share with me if he is good? your ID.

    Eh can i make a visit to ur place ? =P

  8. hi gaddy - are you referring to my main door decal or my bricks wall? main door decal from Inked Industries bricks from Craftstone factory at Ayer Hitam, JB
  9. 24TH NOV 2012 - DELIVERY OF THE TV CONSOLE FROM BEDS.SG how do i rate this tv console ya? hmmm ok i will give it 2.5 over 5 stars. i do love the marinus walnut color as it will suit best with my bricks wall "so called scandinavian theme wannabe" hahaha! but the quality of the workmanship doesn't meet my requirements well, the price will tell you the quality of the product... it's cheap $349 haha! Ayane TV Console from Beds.Sg nice?
  10. 22ND NOV 2012 - INSTALLATION OF SHOWER SCREEN IN MBR TOILET Frameless shower screen installed!! Yeayy! sorry I was unable to get the full view of the shower screen due to "size" of the bathroom 23RD NOV 2012 - INSTALLATION OF CLEAR MIRROR IN THE LIVING ROOM I was actually request for a single piece of clear mirror instead of splitting it into 2 panels - but it seems impossible to squeeze in these mirrors into our small lift haizz hate looking at the joining part, ugly! Overlayin of the main entrance door decal also done!
  11. hi angmoh! nice home layout! wanna exchange keys with me? hahaha anyway! congrats on your new awesome crib and have a smooth reno journey ya! love your tiles color looking forward more progress pic from you
  12. hi bluecheese, of course fibre glass is 100x solid compared to plastic EM chair. you can't even lift the chair with 1 hand if it was made from fibre glass There's a shop at IMM sellin fibre glass EM Chair at $300+, Plastic EM chair you can have it at $110 (lush-lush) Total weight of my 4 chairs is about 18KG. Here's the supplier from taobao -> Eames DSW Chair and I use 65Diagou as my local shipping agent - found the shipping is quite X, not worth it! if you're getting plastic EM chair better to purchase it from qoo10, cheaper!