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  1. Inspiration for Common Bathroom
  2. The dining Lamp would be very nice against a Wood-grain feature wall..... arrr ... the $$$$
  3. Bedframe bought from Charis Living. This is the photo on their website based on the product description on my invoice. But I am pretty sure that it is supposed to be wood strips across the entire headboard without the 3 solid blocks. I am going to bug hubby to visit Furniture mall this weekend. Just to confirm the design, and change the color. We would be going for Natural Finish, instead of the dark stain you see in the photo.
  4. Bought 3 of the following pendant lights for our dining area. We are still considering whether to construct a false ceiling (wooden) to hand these. Or just hang them directly from the existing ceiling.
  5. I think this is a more accurate representation of the mood I'm trying to create in my master bathroom
  6. Updates for the weekend 1. Went around to shop for WC over the weekend. Only could do window-shopping cos we didn't know the "rough-in" distance of our toilets. If the HOLE allows, we would prolly get the toto Avante. Husband like the brand and the tornado flush function. 2. Purchased a Bosch HBA43B450A Oven from Harvey Norman. Got an additional 3 year extended warranty. 3. Decided on a Granite-like homo tiles (hafary) for the master bathroom. Considering wooden counter top to add some warmth to the space. 4. Off-white homo tiles from Hafary for the common bathroom. If our pocket allows, would like to add some mosaic at the shower area to for some sparkles
  7. So the Balestier shop name is "Home & Bathroom Building Products Pte Ltd" Our purchases include: 2 Sets of Shower + Mixer + Basin Mixer + silver flex hose + Wall Elbows 1 Kitchen Sink Mixer Total Damage: S$1620 (inclusive of GST) ---> I didn't do much research before plunging into these purchases, I hope I paid a fair price. *Fingers-crossed*
  8. We bought from the bathroom fixture shop along the same stretch as Hafary. Not too sure if we got the best price though. Anyway ... we bought the Euro-style series for the bathroom and Euro-smart Kitchen Mixer. Euphoria series for the Shower head. We went for the cheaper range, but still cost about 700 bucks per set.
  9. Yah, I think I have to cut back on buying expensive furnitures. I am gonna spend quite a bit on Bathroom Fittings. Already bought Grohe shower, mixers and taps for toilets and Kitchen. Now Looking for good WC and basins.
  10. Aiyah, I will have to upload the floor plan when I get home tonight. I am going with Hobee... contractor... Therefore gotta do a lot of leg-work ourselves ... already went down to balestier 4 times for bathroom tile selection. Finally got it right. phew~
  11. Updates Again we selected Patrick from Hobee as our Reno Contractor. We had a pretty good experience with him the first time, so prolly a good idea to stick to someone who is tried and tested. Reno/Furnishing List To Do 1. Kitchen Cabinet + Hood + Hob + Oven (Blum System) 2. Wardrobes for 3 bedrooms (Casement for MasterBedroom, Sliding Door for other 2 Bedrooms, Veneer Finish) 3. Sand down, Re-varnish wood flooring of rooms and Repair Damaged Strips 4. Polish existing marble tiles 5. Wallpaper for Living/Dining, Master Bedroom and Study Room (De Next Page @ 450 per roll inclusive of Labour) 6. Curtains for Living room 7. Overhaul both bathrooms. Must Buy 1. King Size bed frame (Done) + Side tables 2. Dining Table + Chairs - Done Optional 1. Re-varnish existing veneer TV-console and feature wall --> Cannot be done due to design of Console and Feature wall. 2. Curtains for master bedroom --> After completion of Reno, depend on Budget 3. Platform bed for baby/maid room --> No go, use existing furniture ... due to Budget constraints 4. Herman Miller Chair x 2 5. Carpet for Study Room To decide 1. Study Table/Shelves and TV console (Custom Make, Or Buy) 2. Overhaul Toilets or Change Toilet Fittings? <-- Decided ... moved to To-do list 3. Additional Cabling/Power Plug (Open net?)
  12. My bad, I accidentally deleted my web album. Let me try to upload again
  13. Hey. sorry for the late reply. I signed up with the De next page for wallpaper ... totally on impulse -.-" hope i dun regret.
  14. Saw the following on Ikea's website. Although the durability of Ikea's furniture is quite questionable. But priced @ less than 10% of the Sense Table, I can always change a new one after a few years of usage.
  15. Study table --> Custom-built-in versus ready-made Leaning towards buying ready-made furniture. --> Easier to re-configure, and we can bring them along when we move house again. We saw Herman Miller Sense Table at Xtra Showroom in Parkmall. Love the simple yet intelligent design design, but the price tag is really OMGGGGG (1800++). Went to Vhive to see if we can get a similar design at more affordable prices --> NADA Will want to check out Ikea.