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  1. Did not logged in for a long time...pics have been re-activated for all to see.
  2. Have to thank my wife for helping to put the pricelist up...... anyway, some final pics of our home renovations.....as we are in the process of moving things, the livingroom is in a mess, so here's the pics of the kitchen first: Basically a view of the kitchen as you step in: from top left (clockwise):Rinnai oven and a "hole" for future kitchen equipment (if required), the bloodie hot Rinnai hob with its inner flame technology (see inserts), Blum Aventos lift mechanism (a.k.a. Lamborghini doors by my ID ), and everything else that is Blum.... Thats' all for now ....pics of living room and the other rooms to come some time next week...
  3. Sorry for my late reply....been super busy with work, cleaning and moving things over. Yup, it's as good as done, though there is only one issue left to settle with one of the subcon. Will PM you after we have unpacked our stuff and have cleaned up the place. sorry smartfool as I told Dracula, I've been busy. hence did not have time to check my invoices. Do you need the info urgently? Thanks thanks! I like them too!
  4. Saw the box last night; the frog came from Ig's Heaven. Didn't recall seeing any meow-meow ones when i first bought it > 2 years ago. A close one you might find now may be Felix the cat... As for the soundbar, good to save money this way! Otherwise watch news and Chinese/Korean serials also use sound system will be very siong on the wallet...as well as ours' and the neighbour's eardrums! that's why I insisted on buying it when I first saw it! Aiya, not luxurious lah. It's just the choice of colours, materials, finishing (this part depends a lot on the person installing. If high quality product but lousy installer, then useless liao), and also the theme. As for price of Acacia, I have to check my invoice. But have to warn you that we bought several things (MBR toilet bowl) so the price may differ slightly. Thanks thanks! Let me check my invoices for the prices.....MBR basin and toilet bowl both American Standard (Hoe Kee @ IMM). We got all our Hansgrohe things (including shower set) from Homewerkz.
  5. Thanks! Got the frog from a nice stationery shop at Marina SQ (used to be just beside the Golden V area) years ago, .....wonder if it is still there.... Yup the soundbar has been pretty good (pretty easy to install)! Only thing that is lacking is a set of coloured wires to connect between the TV and the subwoofer to allow the soundbar to act as an AUX speaker for the TV...but that might suck a lot of $$$ due to power consumption. Other than radio, we are only using the soundbar for DVDs & movies.
  6. The model is Acacia (American Standard) from Hoe Kee (IMM branch). We bought the two piece version (as the one piece version depends on the position of your water inlet [the one piece version, which is about S$50 more, accomodates only water inlet on its right, whereas the two piece version allows you to connect regardless of your water inlet position]). Yup not cheap, but we went for it due to its reliabilty (it's resistant against most wear-&-tear except UV), and its sleekness (think you can't have it that thin if it is other brands of solid surface). My ID thought it looked like white marble from a distance As for the sinks, the common toilet one is a Crizto brand (Universal @ Geylang) and the MBR one is American Standard brand (Hoe Kee @ IMM).
  7. As promised, pictures will be posted once ready....so here they are..... ...starting with the common toilet...all accessories are up, together with the Hansgrohe shower set that finally arrived... ....next, the MBR toilet...all accessories also up... ....to the kitchen. Silestone, Rinnai hob (gas not attached yet), Blanco sink & Teka tap, Brandt washer & dryer all up.....the frog (bought > 3 years ago!) finally has a place to 'hang' too ! ....back to the MBR room, but before that a quick peek at the livingroom's simple TV console, the TV & soundbar....wires are a bit messy but will do for now...the 'half-circle' holes have a dual function to facilitate opening of glass panels and the wires of game console controllers... ....and finally the MBR with the lights all in and the wall getting a second coat of paint. Our favourite: the table lamp Living room and the other two bedrooms are not tidied up yet, hence no pics. So that's all for now.
  8. Haha! That's my wife you are chatting with!
  9. Hi Prettibride Yup the living room tiles are white matt homo. Was not easy looking for one though! One rabbit running around and up your legs begging for food is already quite an experience (imagine the sharp nails poking deep into your skin, especially when it is really fat!); I can't imagine you having to take care of 6 ....dun want to even think about the amount of poo poo...... Will try to post the pics after inspection this evening...
  10. Thanks! I agree that they do look ! Even my ID said he likes them (though he prefers the more masculine-looking one! No prizes for guessing which one that is Have been very busy at work and cleaning up; things are like 99% done now. Only bits and pieces left (e.g. painting touchups, etc). Nearly all the stuff (TV, soundbar, fridge, dryer & washing maching) are up and running. Only major 'thing' left not settled is where to put my free-roaming rabbit... Will be taking and posting some pics in the next few days....
  11. sorry for late reply....being really busy working and handling renovations. Let us know if you need help in taking pics of these 'holes' (have a Coolpix that's good for taking pics of small things). I still think you should draft a letter to TC to let them understand your situation (falling debris, window panels chipping, any action from TC, etc), and ask if they can assist to replace the affected window panes. Personally, depending on how big the holes are and the number of holes, these glass panels' structural condition may possibly be compromised over time (with more of such small holes)....maybe only... Also, I think pasting a piece of filter on the outside (rather than the inside, as they normally do for those UV filters) can perhaps act as a 'guard' against small falling debris from above. At least it should reduce any chipping of glass panels, and even if kenna hit by small falling objects, the chipped parts will still 'stay' with the panel.... just my thoughts lah
  12. Hi ms_white Actually, i am a little confused. You meant your glass panels (from the outside) has holes, or more correctly, small glass chips that look like holes, and you strongly suspect it is caused by debris from above? If that's the case, I think you should perhaps write an official letter via email to TC and ask for advise on how to proceed on this? Critically, can you take a good pic of these 'holes'? A pic can represent a thousand words.
  13. A peep at the toilets again, this time with the basins and taps installed (from clockwise topleft: common toilet, view of common toilet basin, MBR toilet, view of MBR toilet basin Also, the kitchen is beginning to take shape.. (from clockwise topleft: view of kitchen side table, another view of kitchen side table, view of dish drainer cabinet (insert: Blum Aventos system ), 80% completed kitchen cabinets
  14. My ID? He's Mr Busyman.....his name (as is commonly referred as in this forum [Mr ...]) is written on his face...
  15. Hi missyling I can't recall the exact amount actually,.....we bought a few things from the store (Universal Un), including a basin.....think the aroma's around $350 +-$10... Hi Porkypig No particular reasons actually......as long as the directions in all rooms are standardized it should be fine (but again, really depends on the floorplan). I thought by doing it this way, the grooves look better with the shadows due to the direction of light from the window.