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  1. Hi Jerome, Want to replace my current hob Fujioh FG33SV-LPG. Any similar sized hobs to recommend? One of the main criteria would be the size of the cutout that the current hob is lying on, right?
  2. Hi guys, Got problem with my Fujioh gas hob. Press the switch can hear the clicking sound but the burner no fire. Must use those handheld lighter then the fire will come out. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi folks, Tried googling but got nothing. Wondering whether Singapore can find digital wall clock (no hour, minute hands) that has the characters in Chinese? Also shows the date, and day, and whether it is morning/afternoon/night.
  4. Hi folks, Any idea where in Singapore can find this kind of lock: http://www.amazon.com/Combi-Cam-7850R-L-Black-Large-Combinated-Lock/dp/B0048C8TGS/ref=sr_1_2/184-8894439-1438114?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1376556506&sr=1-2&keywords=combi+cam
  5. Hi Jerome, Like to find out your prices for: - PANASONIC TOP LOAD WASHER (7.5 KG) Model: NAF75B3HRQ) - Samsung 2 Door Fridge Model: RT-32FARCDSL Prices inclusive of? Any other similar models to recommend from Panasonic, Hitachi or Samsung?
  6. Hi folks, Want to get lockable storage to keep important documents. Don't want to have keys, prefer to have number locks like those in Ikea Galant range. Though don't fancy Ikea Galant's price tag. Any idea where can get? Or anyone tried installing locks for the Besta shelfs?
  7. it's not when one goes out..... more for old folks who sometimes have the habit to just open the door to look outside and then close the door..... With the old doors, don't need to do anything and the door cannot be opened from outside without a key. With the new doors, old folks won't remember the extra step of having to turn the knob to lock lah.....
  8. The fire-rated door replacement as part of the Lift Upgrading Programme is going on round my ward. I realised the new doors can be opened from the outside if they aren't locked from the inside. Very different from the old doors which requires a key to be opened from the outside. Other than changing the lock, do I have other options? Are there ways to automatically 'lock' the door when it is closed so that people fro outside cannot open it?
  9. Confirmed order for a 3-seater ('Jason' series)at Univonna (Genting Lane show room). Sales person is Jennifer who used to be at the now-closed Chin Swee branch and in-between Sungei Kadut branch. Had a good time discussing on the requirements and selecting. Could have gotten it cheaper at Hommage but too lazy to go over though it was quite near. Thanks everyone!
  10. Went to Hommage. Yah Eric very nice. (those looking for the shop take note it moved further up to another unit along the same road. Address at web site not updated.) Got question. Saw this Univonna 'Brend' sofa set on promo. It has a depth of 97cm and the seat height is 53cm. Seems very deep and very high.....Asian's feet should be dangling when sitting on this sofa? Or is this meant for ang mos?
  11. Yup leather... Length should be less than 2m, maybe around 1.7-1.8m? Possible for a 3-seater? But at same time, seat height should be around 43cm. Haha, tough one. Or, any idea if can get wooden sofa riser anywhere? Safe to use?
  12. Hi folks, I've been looking around for a suitable sofa set for my hall that is not that big. The seat height cannot be too low due to the old folks at home. Recommended was about 43 cm. And seat cannot be too deep also. But it seems those that can fulfill that seat height are rather bulky and deep seated. Length usually around 2 metres. Given the size, it seems the hall can only fit a 3 seater. I am wondering what are my options, especially if the seats of smaller sets can be made higher?
  13. Hi blursotong,

    Regarding your queries about anyone has asked David Heng from Soteria Interior Works. Yes, I did & I was really stupid to pay him upfront of 50% of the total amt. 1 day his worker came to my house to paint the wall & I paid another 40%. When his 2nd batch of workers were supposed to turn up to change my toilets door & cabinets, they didn't turn up for w

  14. This do-everything contractor was mentioned here: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22535 Today, used them for some electrical works. Very satisfied. The supervisor mentioned they do full house reno also. Anyone used them before? Any comments?
  15. oh ok......those that Fullsun has with the dimpled pattern are SS, or plastic? Does it matter?