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  1. Me staying at St33... i only did some reno on the toliet and some painting... spent around 12K.. Was intending to rotate the pics but was too busy... Will upload more pics this weekend and do the rotation... btw, the water feature was bought at a industry area somewhere in admiralty. Last but not least, welcome cutebear13 to tampines....
  2. Yah... My flooring is marble, courtesy of the previous owner... and i got the painting just last sun... saw that it's cheap and very worth it for the pricing....
  3. continue... Side Table Display on Dining Table Dining Table continue... View of living room(Front)
  4. Have moved into our place for nearly a year... didnt do up the place too much due to $$ factor.. Gonna to put some Pics of our living room for you guys and gals to have a look... ;p Cellini TV Console with 32' Samsung LCD TV Water Feature Another View of water feature Dining Area Another View of dining area Home Sweet Home : 4A flat in Tampines 107sqm Kitchen cabinet + sink + tap : (Previous Owner) Lighting : Ikea & etc Fridge : Mitsubishi 2 door Fridge Washing Machine : Panasonic 8kg Water heater : Centre Heater Aircon : Mitsubishi inverter system4 TV (Living Room): Samsung 32' TV Home Theatre System (Living Room): Samsung (FOC) L-shape Sofa : SeaHouse Brand Coffee Table : Courts Side Table : Courts Dining Table + Chair : Novena TV Console : Cellini Shoe Cabinet : Ikea Bed Frame: St Louis Mattress : Dunlopillo Queen Size
  5. i think the best option would be to re-laminate but not too sure if it can be done or not..... any kind sould out there knows any lobang?????
  6. 1. borrow money from bank & redo new wardrobe - dun want to end up too deep in debts.... 2. tear down the doors & put up long draping red velvet curtains as opening - not a bad idea.... 3. re-laminate the wardrobe - I think this is what applek24 and i are referring to... Is it possible to relaminate and wat's the pricing like?? Is it gonna cost like making a new one??? 4. leave it as it is - If have no choice.... 5. tear down the wardrobe & buy wardrobes from outside shops - No opinion... 6. go to homefix & buy those "paint" to respray ur wardrobe - Can???? wat kind of paint can be sprayed onto laminates to make it look like new different coloured???
  7. I was planning to do the same thing for my kitchen cabinets and my ID was also saying the same thing, thus i ended up not doing anything for my kitchen as doing the whole thing over again will seriously blow my whole budget ... Now am stuck with quite a ugly kitchen... any kind souls out there can recommend any solutions???
  8. Where's MGL curtains???? and how's the pricing like???? can PM me the details???? thanks....
  9. These are only avaiable for built in, as far as i know... kinda hard to have ready made full height cupboard..