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  1. Hi, can you pm me a quote base on the below requirements for reno of existing MBR toilet? Can refer to my floorplan in my t-blog if necessary (link in signature) Hack off existing floor tiles and wall tiles of MBR toilet Lay floor tiles and wall tiles of MBR toilet Do up a mirror with hidden compartment within for storage Fix up an additional tap by the toilet bowl Fix up a single switch socket outlet by the vanity area Basic plumbing works Like to request to retain existing vanity top/cabinet
  2. Currently, i have a 3pin round hole power socket in my bedroom that looks similar to the pic below. I believe its meant for air con with a higher power consumption. However, I am not using it so anyone knows if I can change it to the normal 3pin hole power socket which looks similar to pic below for my normal appliances? Will the power consumption be higher as compared to a default 3pin power socket if it can be changed?
  3. think i will be contacting the town council soon cos i found them on walls along my corridor too!!
  4. Guys, I really need help. pls check out the below photos n videos and advise me what type of worms are these! they have been appearing non-stop ard my house n my house is a new flat which is only ard 1 year old. they like to stick on the corners of the walls and they r driving me crazy cos i can remove them today n more will come back tml. they are like tortise cos they have a shell and they will crawl out partially from their shell.
  5. saw your pics. Haha, your kitchen really looks quite similar to mine. N u even managed to squeeze in a 2bowl sink with such a big washing machine in the limited space!! Your ID impressive! Mine a bit scared of this n that so everything cannot. !@#$%$
  6. Finally got the time to post pics of my bedrooms fully furnished. !! MBR Guest room
  7. Yah i know px might be different but at least try to find out the pricing first. Also i will like to see the effect too as well so that i can convince my wife into spending the $$. since u using the same reno co, r u intending to do the same as well? can help me check with ur ID too how much she will quote if I longbang? haha.
  8. Hi hi, I will be very interested. Can help me ask how much it will cost if I were to engage your ID's service in laminating all my doors. Also can pm me your unit no, so that I can drop by to take a peek?? I bet u have seen it yah!
  9. U r welcome. need u to fwd me the details for the switches as well. My email is yapck@yahoo.com.sg Do invite me to your place once its nicely done up yeah! Sorry, yday wasnt able to entertain much due to the drilling works that need to be done. I was thinking of not wasting the doors thus nvr change them. Need to find out the cost between changing VS painting.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I am only intending to do it for the 3 rooms if the price is reasonable. As for the main door, I can leave it as it is. U can PM me your carpenter's contact?
  11. Let me know if u r going to do it, then we can probably negotiate for a better pricing when we do more at the same time.
  12. My ID was very flexible. In fact before i signed anything with him, I already told him that I want to have the flexibilty for changes. So, my final quotation may be very different from my 1st quotation. N I did told him that changes incl deduction as well so there might be a possibility that final quotation is lesser than my initial quotation. He said that is fine n to my surprise, he is very responsible as well. Everytime we had some additions or deductions, he will prepare a brand new quotation for us. It might seems that he trying to make it less messy but that is to protect his own backside as well. Overall, quite satisfied. I think we had ard 5-6 different quotations from him due to our numerous changes. Maybe also he knows both me n my wife works in bank thus very caculative n everything must be in black n white. Haha. But your contractor also abit ridiculous. If some contractor actually says my reno is only a small project irregardless of how much it is, I will F him off. Can share the contacts n the pricing as well? If inconvenient, PM me? Also can post pics or maybe I drop by your place?
  13. Well, if i were u, he can kiss my $$ goodbye. I will look for a better contractor/ ID anytime.
  14. I believe space is talking abt painting the door rather than the gate. Im also thinking of paint my door is its possible. As for the gate, I kindda like it as it is.
  15. Just received a reminder letter to pay for town council fees. However i dun receive any payment advice in the very 1st place.. Are we suppose to receive a payment advice or we are expected to pay without receiving any payment advice? anybody knows?