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  1. Err ... my ID did it for me think he use equipment to "take out" the old tiles, then "paste" the mosaic in... hehehe.. im not very sure
  2. Hi, I replace my toilet strips with mosaic after replace original strips
  3. Hi here is my bar counter Can't really remember how much .. only remember can dat the "stainless steel" thing to put the wine,liqour cost abt $580.
  4. Hi, We also using fuse concept ! but my house at Depot road Like blueToffee say.. so far so good bah. Our handover was delay about 3 weeks
  5. Hi,wat is ur budget ?? If you dun mind, Go JB will be cheaper They will come out to take the measurement and bring sample for you to choose
  6. I also sign with fuse, my id is kelton,quite comfortable with them. My renovation will start on 12/11.
  7. hmmmm ... i think im caculate wrongly.. if not wrong, he means is "skirting is 255sqf" not my floor area 255sqf dunno... tonite go back check with him again ...
  8. Hmm.. i have something want ask all the "shifu " here how did ID firm caculate the charges? he quoted me homo tiles for $1900 (see below) = $1900 * 255sqf = $7.45 per sqf ?? (If $7.45 per sqf ! kana cheated liaoz) (To supply labour & material to lay 600mm x 600mm heavy duty polish homogenous $ 1900 tiles in/c of skirting 255sqft ) Is my caculation right ?
  9. still can lah but will look very cramped loh
  10. yup yup my living looks long hehehe but the width only 3 meter... cannot have L-shape sofa
  11. I like the view also ! hehe The balcony area also can see "abit" of telok blangah hill so thinking of "hang a swing chair" at balacony area
  12. Finally decided to start a T-blog after so long ! We bought a house at Depot during the Feb 07 WIS. collect our keys on 16.08.2007 Open door on 16.09.2007 Renovation will start at early november ID film : Fuse Concept Pte ltd Total cost : $30k ++ Here are some pics of the house: http://jobabes.multiply.com/ Will update again once get the 3D pix