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  1. Not a very good experience with them. Went to them and explained my requirements and gave floor plan. Call them up twice after that. Still awaiting their quote after 2 months.... Anyways I dont need it now.
  2. Here are my perspectives..... Enjoyyyyy Entire house perspective Kitchen Perspective Living: Bedroom: Let me know how is it....
  3. Hi. Whiteice78, My 1st appt is already scheduled on 22nd Sept. So I am assuming 2 months after that will be my key collection date. The current owner is having his own renovations in his own new hotse, hence he also needs some time. Thats why the date is fixed for 1st Dec. BTW what is the trend of timeline between the 1st and last appointment.....
  4. Thanx MaCe. Thanx Sumobear for the good suggestion... however I have decided to go ahead with changing the kitchen cabinets with some good layout and some good laminate...... Also the colours, look too pinkish.... I want some kind off resort look in my house, hence decided to change the color too..... will keep you all updated on my color selection.... Thanx Applefreak. Yes, the owner has hacked off the entire kitchen wall to make it a open concept.. saved some money for my hacking. Thanx Jamez..... I am going to keep the open kitchen concept. I also wanted to preserve the bartop and change only the laminates. But the problem is that the bartop is on a wooden plank fitted to the kitchen cabinet on the other side which will be hacked off to make way for the new kitchen cabinet. Have told the ID to replace it by a solid surface top and a small display cabinet on the side. BTW... got my perspective drawings from my ID yesterday.... will scan it soon and post for your viewing. Also finalized on the tiles for my living, kitchen and bathrooms......... quite fast right..... Have got the pics of the tiles, will be posting soon.... My wify's gonna be away for around 1month and will return only on the date of collection, hence have to finish finalizing the basic things...... This week the ID will be coming down to our house for the Paint selection and Laminate selection for kitchen cabinets.
  5. You can even visit the websites of the different ID's in Singapore. Most of them have designs for HDB's in their portfolio.
  6. Some current pics of the house. The owner was kind enough to allow me to take the pics even before the first appointment..... !! Living : Dining : Main Entrance view : Kitchen view: One more kitchen view:
  7. Hi. From past few months I am visiting Renotalk and seeing everybody blogs and thinking about my own house and how my renovation would go.. !! Today finally I decided to start my own T-blog and walk you through my entire journey to my new renovated resale 4A flat. So heres how it started...... We finalized our 4A resale flat in Tampines. First appointment on 22nd Sept 2007....Very much excited about it.... In fact very much excited about renovating our new house.... !! Had started ID hunting from a long time and finally fixed one....got the quote...... and will be signing the official contract today....In fact I am going to receive the perspective drawings also today. Will be posting them for sure on Renotalk. !! Soon to come.... pics of the current state of my house...
  8. Mine is wall mounted... Wall mounted because if you need to keep a 50 inch Plasma on a TV console, you need to attach two wire strings from the back of the TV to the wall in order to keep it secure from toppling over.. Would have looked kinda wierd,, hence opted for getting it wall mounted.... free wall bracket and installation... and you get the entire TV console top for some other use