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  1. Hi Xie0007, simply love your reno! Can pls pm me your ID and the quotation too? Thanks so much
  2. Hi Dino, Does your upstairs neighbour consist of 'heavy' or hyperactive people? As I asked around, it seems that the hollowness in the false ceiling can amplify the sound... For my situation we gotten used to it after some time, cos we can't control their movement mah. However there was a time the kid was playing Ping Pong ball & it was really irritating, so my husband just went upstairs to tell them nicely. They explained that they also very hard to control their 4 active grandchildren, so hope we also understand...Nevertheless the sound reduced.. It's a give & take thing lor
  3. Hey everyone, Ho Bee was featured in MyPaper on Dec 5 - check it out
  4. I just had my housewarming with Neo Garden as caterer. It was GOOD ! The caterers were on time to set up & the way they set the table cloth also very nice. All my guest commented the food very delicious, esp. the Chicken Curry, Chocolate Eclair, Almond Jelly & Fried rice. I had my party on Sun afternoon, so on Fri they sms me to confirm. Then on Sun morning they sms me again to give me the hp no. of person in charge to bring the food ( in case no show or any problems). Then after the party they sms me again thank me for choosing them. Very happy & satisfied with their service
  5. Wah, is this your 'rules of good bargains'? i must learn by heart also May i kn normally how do you source for a good second one, is it through online/ e-bay or other sources? Is it safe/ trustable? p/s: if u published book on how to get good bargain i sure will be first in line to buy
  6. Hi CPE, Been looking forward to your blog for so long, now finally seeing it ..WOW I'm totally BLOWN AWAY.....SO NICE .....Your house look really fresh & cosy..the colours are very refreshing, complements really well with the whole environment... My favourite part is the living room & dining area, just by looking from the pics can imagine feeling really nice & happy being there I can see that you're a great bargain hunter too, must learn more from you I almost became your neighbour u know, but somehow at that time the COV there was out of my budget..The environment there very good, lots of greenery & fresh air..U also got very good view, really look like resort from hotel window leh CONGRATULATIONS on your SUCCESSFUL reno I think it was worth every penny that u spent with Ho Bee..Great turnout
  7. heheh, in terms of Feng Shui i have the curtain long enough to cover the mirror door when sleeping
  8. really spooky leh ...but i observe my upstairs neighbours house is quite dark always (maybe save electricity?) with a lots of clutters inside. Like got uncomfortable feeling when look into it. Reading this make me feel even more scarier..
  9. hahaha..instead of jumping she'll roll ard the house ..the bouncing was so bad that even my lights were vibrating at each sound, so my hubby screw the lights even more tighter in fear that they may fall. Yesterday night someone upstairs was playing marbles loudly, so i took a stick and knock the ceiling a few times, then the sound stop. Guess i found my new 'weapon' now Hmm, in that case it'll be a big waste of money to install false ceiling if it doesn't work. I get what u mean, like laminated floor if no put rubber in btw the floor and the wood, there'll hollow space, so when drop things on floor the sound will be louder..i guess is same principle for false ceiling Anyway Thanks for your feedback guys If i get a house next time, i'm definitely choosing the highest floor
  10. thanks Art Ching...hahaha ya at first it was funny, but the sounds are starting to get on our nerves... although inform the neighbours very nicely they're very defensive & uncooperative..so i guess if we can't change the environment, we have to change ourselves...dunno if it's worth investing in soundproof ceiling or not..actually to install false ceiling now also troublesome & not cheap also ..sigh
  11. Hi anyone, Can a normal false ceiling reduce the loudness of sounds from upstairs neighbours (especially foot sounds from FAT kids who love to bounce around ) Your kind advice is deeply appreciated
  12. Oh, i hv forgotten to put my feedback here. Anyway Movers_101 did a good job. They came on time, were really careful with my stuffs. Very friendly boss too, who came along to move ( it's a family business). Good value for money
  13. Hi Mivec2.4, Really really appreciate your kind compliments Thank you p/s: yes, you're right, those little rectangles are indeed tiles
  14. Hi mivec2.4, Sorry for the late reply.. my kitchen cost abt $3300 (cabinet + top)