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  1. It has been a while since we last posted about the issues which pissed us off badly. To be fair to the ID, he is able to get the parquet and painting people to rectify the issues before Christmas. The feeling of spending time with family and frens in the new place during Christmas and New year is priceless. Will be wrapping up this thread with an overall review after all the minor rectifications are done.
  2. Hi Hansamu and wyx, we tested the aircon in MBR and cooling is not an issue. The point about condensation is quite valid, will keep a close tab on the mould issue. Thanks for sharing
  3. "Cheap doesnt mean good and good doesn't mean cheap" Good, totally agreed. I always encourage high consumer spending to boost the economy.
  4. The carpenter uncle and electrician did a good job. That is the consolation. If not for parquet and the sloppy painting, things will have gone smoothly. Luckily the ID takes responsibility and said he will get it sorted out.
  5. The painting (after touching up) is also sloppy. The ID will be arranging another round of painting to rectify the issues. Uneven Different tones
  6. Shall start with the bad experience first follow by the good ones. Two things outstanding: Parquet and Painting The parquet thing has been making me very very pissed. The first time round varnishing cant meet the standard, ask them to redo. The parquet flooring came back with more HOLES. Asked the parquet people to rectify, they just came and fill up with some wood filler and paint over it. Some holes are so bad that it sink. And they just painted over it and leave it as it is. Super unprofessional. Will find out more about the parquet company so that our path wont cross again in future. Tmr my wife will be meeting the parquet people at our place to go through what needs to be done. Let the pictures do the talking