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  1. Hi there guys! I'm currently on the look out for a ID for my 4rm resale flat. Recce around with my hubby and shortlisted 2 who met our budget and "critical character" both me and hubby thought are important for ID to have. Hehe...One is a contracter who is very patient and i heard good reviews from my mum's friend who rave about his workmanship and he gave me a very attractive quote. The other is Alvin from Unimax who we met in a exhibition... He was the first one we spoke to and he was the only one who we felt comfortable with. So far we met him for the second time and he has prove to be very honest, patient and resposible. We didnt have big budget but he make the effort to answer up our questions cos we are pure sotong worthy blurness. However he is slightly pricer than the contractor we are also considering and I dunoe abt his after service. Been hearing so bad experiences friends have with other firms after signing up... So,if anyone who have prior experience with Alvin from Unimax or even just Unimax, kindly enlighten me?????Thank you!!!!