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  1. hi could you share the carpenter contact with me. Thanks

  2. Well, I bought my house the same way before, so I don't think it is that difficult.
  3. have some enquiries, try to arrange for viewing this weekend or early next week and if the deals do not go through, will have to hand it over to property agents to follow-up since i cant commit too much time in the viewing arrangement.
  4. I am looking to let go of my 4A HDB at Simei area. The unit is located at high floor, lift level and near to amenities (MRT, childcare, eateries, shopping center). I have just renovated my place 1+year ago (new kitchen cabinet, laminated flooring for whole house, rainshower etc) and have to sell it because of relocation to oversea. The valuation has been conducted few days ago and the report is available. Asking for low COV. Please PM me if you are interested for more information or arranging for viewing.
  5. r34, their workmanship is pretty good and rectification is timely. most importantly, they managed to meet the agreed hand-over date without much issue. after the official handover, i am still getting quite good service when i have some enquiries. just recalled that bearie has some problem with their sub-cons. maybe u want to know the team that bearie used and specified that you want a different team to work on your house.
  6. 450 is definitely over charged. I paid 150 for 1 set of toilet bowl and basin and another 80 for storage heater. normal heater should cost less than 80. the price that your contractor quote you, could it be 2 sets of toilet bowl, basin and instant heater?
  7. blurqueen, i would recommend u to use a single main-con for the whole project. those "too good to be true" price as advertised in the newspaper are always subjected to "terms and condition", or otherwise inferior material, i.e. china laminates vs. us laminates for kitchen cabinet. Why not you try to get in touch with the few recommended contractors and see how much the charges are like? Most of the good contractors won't mind taking up small projects.
  8. enci, i bought 2 sets of toilet bowl + basin + pedestal from Rigel for 686. the price varies a lot for 1-piece & 2-piece design so it depends on what are you looking for. A 1-piece design from Rigel with the big basin included is quite affordable at 328. There is just one complaint, flush system is not strong enough but I can live with it since I have a hand spray install beside my toilet bowl.
  9. Some guide for you, I spent 20k on the following items (4A): Hack:- cornices, arch, partition wall between the dining and kitchen, door & door frame for both toilets, all tiles in toilets, wall tiles in kitchen, rubbish chute Lay:- homogenous floor tile with water proofing for both toilets, laminated flooring for dining, living and 3 bedrms, pebble wash for foyer area Overlay:- homgenous floor tile for kitchen Cement screed:- kitchen and 2 toilets wall Install:- 4 bedrm doors, 1 toilet bifold door, all sanitary ware in toilets, L shape kitchen cabinet (bottom only), rubbish chute Re-run:- Copper piping, new wiring for whole house And:- Paint whole house, box up all lourves, haulage and debris clearing
  10. Bearie, which ID are you using? They have quite a good sub-con team, no foreign workers and workmanship is quite good. What is the problem that you are facing?
  11. My painter charged me 1100 for painting and additional 100 for patching up the groove lines on the ceiling. I think you should patch up the groove line, it really looks much better after that. Groove lines on the wall is just too much distraction for me.
  12. applefreak, i met up with eric, a nice guy with hectic schedule. I was worried he might not be able to finish the job on time due to his packed appointment so have decided to engage another party. Overall, he is quite nice to talk to but must call him many times to get the quotation. Juz4liz, PMed you the contact of my electrician.
  13. Didn't manage to diy but have gotten a contractor with competitive quote.
  14. applefreak, if it is the very thin groove line on the wall, then your painter should do it foc. They are supposed to patch up/plaster all the groove lines and small dents or holes before painting. I did pay an additional 100 to the painter due to the huge groove lines on my ceiling since my ceiling is pre-cast type, and this is to compensate the extra job that they are doing.