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  1. can gimme the contact as well? looking to redo part of my kitchen.
  2. can gimme his contacts? i am looking to redo part of my kitchen.
  3. So sorry for the late reply. I guess any advise I give now would be useless. Sorry for the late reply! So, how was your trip?
  4. Most of the passes can be bought at the tourist center, or the rail station itself. With the changes and the rising prices of everything, I am not surprised that the price has gone up as well. But going today, with the current exchange rates, is so much cheaper than when we went on our honey moon. If we had the rates today, we would have easily shaved off at least 20% of what we spent!
  5. We were there nearing the end of spring. Weather is really cool and nice. Some part more chilly than others. But the temperature is all very nice. Like turning on the aircon at the coldest. The lowest temperature we encounter is all above 15 degrees. So no worries about having the need to get a thick jacket. Oh, except for when you are going up the moutains in Switzerland. That place is colder than the rest of Europe.
  6. You know, as an asian, feng shui plays a big part when it comes to renovating the home. We had some feng shui no no in our home. And some of the ways to fix this no nos is to find something that will block or prevent the item from being seen or felt in the home. One of these no nos is the direct door to door facing of two doors. One way to cancel out this negative is to get something to block the two doors from "seeing" each other. So when we were going about our renovations, we had a hard time seeking the right divider to block the doors. Getting a custom made one would be too expensive. Going about to shop for one, well, no matter how nice they were, there is always something about it that prevented us from buying. From the measurements that are in correct to the price being too high. So we continued our efforts to try and find the right item to try and cancel the negative in our home. What we found was this: http://gnmblog.blogspot.com They were a god sent! Lots of pattern to choose from. And the best part of it, no need to nail, drill or hammer anything to the door frame to put them up. So after we got ourselves a set of them, we were very happy with the results. Soon after we moved into the home, we found that the door curtains has many other uses too. For one, the pretty pictures on the curtains, can be used as a wall ornament by itself. We got the Japanese one that fitted with our Zen theme perfectly. Then I had some open bookshelves that my wife simply hate to see due to all the clutter I had on it. So I got me another nice, chinese wording one to put over the shelves to sort of cover my clutter. I am sure if you take a look at the product, you will be able to find much more uses for it than I do. Do you take the time and effort to do you your home with door curtains? Will you spend money to buy a pretty door curtain to spruce up your place? How bout feng shui? DO you believe in them enough to want to get one to dispel a negative?
  7. Sorry for the late reply. The prices are all at my blog. you can take a look here... there is currently a slash in the prices. Drop me a mail if you need to clarify any further doubts.
  8. I was here since 2006. And I too was having problem finding a cheap solution for a divider when I was doing up my home. And I decided to do without due to budget constraints! Recently I found that using the door curtain is one cheap alternative that is good for both decorations and divider purposes. I am not strong arming anyone here to buy the curtains. I happened to be free that day, so I posted it on a few other threads after I created the initial post in the geomancy forum. What is wrong with that? As I went thru the same headaches as you guys did when you are doing your home. I find it appropriate to share the use of the door curtains with you guys. I like the curtains a lot. And decided maybe I will go into this business as there is not many people doing it. It may or may not help in your design or your needs in finding that perfect divider. If you actually follow my postings dated back all the way to 2006, you will see that I share information when ever I can. The regulars here can vouch to that. Due to a busy work schedule, I did not come here as often as I do now a days. But I still lurk around reading postings whenever I can. I feel very offended that you are talking down to me like that. There is no need to be nasty. If you do not like what I am displaying, so be it. Why do you need to tell me off like that? No body is forcing you to buy anything. I post the display for the curtains where it is appropriate. It is not found in every thread. Only in the ones that are related to what I am selling. Be nice. I came here for help back then. And the people here are so helpful that I actually managed to save a bundle when I did my home. I too tried to return the favor to the newbies here as well. This door curtain is but one of the many solutions for a cheap alternative to dividers. If you do not like it, let it be. No need to be nasty here. Oh... this is some thing new! Very good information indeed MaCe. I thought that as long as you like the design, it should be okay to put it up over the door. Thanks for the information. Full length curtain as in must touch the floor? My longer curtains are just about one feet off the floor. Is that okay to be used in feng shui? Please advise. Don't want to be accused further of trying to post in appropriately.
  9. Really? they look like that in the pictures? I am using some of them in my home. And after looking at them for a good half a year, I love them so much, I bought more. There are plenty of other designs as well. I could not get all of them as I have limited storage space. If you have some other designs you fancy, let me know. I may be able to source for some to suit the wider taste. Admittedly some of the designs are more cartoony. I was thinking along the lines of decorating kids room. That is why I took some of the designs that have cartoon on them. Seriously, the photos do not do much justice to the actual product. If you see the actual curtain, you will think otherwise. Drop me a mail if you are interested. We can always arrange to meet somewhere and I can bring a few samples to share with you guys.
  10. Need to block that ugly toilet due to bad feng shui? Need to divert the "sha qi" from the main door? Need to encourage the good "qi" at a particular room? Or just need something oriental to match that Zen theme? We have it all. Take a look at our Door Curtains! Plenty of Designs to choose from. No messy Drilling! No need for hooks! Easy to install! Les than 5 mins to get it up! Value for money! Quality Door Curtains! Check them out at Door Curtains!
  11. The other thing you can do is to put up some Door Curtains like I do to keep the toilet "enclosed" all the time. That means, the entrance to the toilet is "Closed" all the time! Plenty of designs to choose from. No messy drilling. No need for hooks. Easy to install as well. Check out my blog entry for Door Curtains.
  12. Well, try not to go for glass if the backing is going to be behind the cooking stove. I did mine that way thinking that glass would be easier to clean. It is easier to clean. And the look was also very beautiful! BUT it cannot stand the heat from heavy cooking. The whole thing broke during one of my heavy cooking session one day two months into my living in the home. Lucky thing the glass is tempered! End up have to spend another thousand dollars to replace it with stainless steel! Don't be too believing when people tell you stainless steel is difficult to maintain. As long as you clean up after each cooking session, it will still look good as new even after years of usage. Mine is 2 years old and it still looks as good as the day I installed it.
  13. Those are all great suggestions. Alternatively, you can also use some japanese design Door Curtains to give it that extra japanese touch! You can check out my blog entry on Door Curtains to see what designs are available for your selection. If you have something in mind, let me know. I may even be able to source for you if given time.
  14. Hacking would be too expensive! The idea here is to use design to make it look japanese. One o the way is to get, like some one suggested, a tatami platform for the bed. Alternatively, you can get one of those platform bed where the mattress sits into the floor! Then use japanese design lamps for the bed sides. Best if you can also design the wardrobe doors to look like the japanese paper dividers. Then you will get that japanese feel without having to hand away anything. And have pretty doors for the wardrobe at the same time! Alternatively, you can also try some additional decorative Door Curtains. You can check out my blog entry on Door Curtains to see some designs to get a better idea.