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  1. Hi All, i'm planning to start renovation for my resale 4 room HDB flat soon. Here is a quick summary of things i'm planning to do Hack and demolish everything Living room - Install floor tiles, shoe cabinet, and a featured wall + TV mount 3 bed rooms - Install floor tiles, new door, 2 built-in wardrobe, and 1 working/study table (to optimize space on bay window zzz) Toilet - Install floor tiles, wall tiles, tempered glass, vanity counter, sink, toilet bowl, and new doors Kitchen - Install floor tiles, cabinet + top, sink, hobs & hood Painting Abit of electrical work such as adding a few power points and etc Chemical cleaning at the end of the project I have spoken to a few IDs and main Contractors. Most IDs quoted me around $55k to $60k for my requirements, and contractors quoted me around $45k to $50k. ID usually provide more comprehensive services such as design and warranty (plus their marketing and store overheads), so i get why they are charging more. However, i budgeted 40k for my renovation only, and i would hate to reduce my installations quality for cost savings. I'm about to explore the next option, which is to DIY my renovation by working with multiple sub contractors - 3D designer, hacking and demolishing contractors, tile installation, carpentry, toilet contractor, electrician, doors & windows installers, and cleaner. With my limited understanding on renovation, i came up with a list of pros and cons for DIY renovation, please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. Pros of DIY renovation Further cost savings since i'll be managing the entire project by myself Able to control my renovation time line better since i'll not be sharing a renovation team with other customers Reduced risk on ID/contractor running away with my upfront bulk payment, or major dispute over a poor job done. Cons of DIY renovation Need to spend more time to source for multiple reliable sub-contractors. Need to spend more time researching and understanding every piece of work done by each sub con Minimal professional assistance or guidance. I would assume that sub contractors know what they are doing in their on scope of expertise. However, they will not be communicating with other sub cons. This means that i may encounter unforeseen renovation issues and hiccups. Anyone folks here have experienced DIY renovation for their HDB flat? How much cost savings can be achieved by NOT engaging an ID or main contractor? Any advice you can offer me on the diy approach? I'll share more about my cost comparison and findings later =)
  2. Hi Masters! this is my first post on reno talk, and i would like to seek some advice from experience folks here. I just purchased a 4-room DBSS unit (resale, 94sqm), and i'm planning to do a full overhaul of the entire house. I have a 30-40k renovation budget to turn my hdb into a nordic scandinavian vibe home. I would like to make the following changes Full hacking a demolition - living room + kitchen + 3 bedrooms + 2 toilets. I think i need to take down nearly everything - tiles, carpentry work, false ceiling, etc. Full painting in every room Minor electrical work touch up; addeding a few power points. Living room - New floor tiles (Vinyl or homogeneous tile), shoe cabinet, TV wall mounting, new curtains, and possibly a featured wall, installation of hanging fan Bedroom (master) - New floor tiles (vinyl or wood-like tiles), built-in wardrobe Bedroom x2 - New floor tiles (vinyl or wood like), 1 study table in 1 of the room, 1 built in ward robe in 1 of the room. Toilets - New floor (granite or other matt/rought materials) and wall tiles (Granite, ceramic or homogeneous tiles), sink/toilet bowl/vanity counter purchase + installation, glass wall Kitchen - New floor tiles and wall tiles, cabinet (white modern looking), kitchen top (granite or marble), new sink and cooking hobs + installation. I don't think my budget allows me to engage an ID, hence i'm looking for a contractor to help me with my renovation work. Any good intro?