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  1. Hi, Thanks for the recommendation, but using insect/mosquito screen will block the view from my window. I would prefer if the window grille itself could be customise yet at the same time it does not block the view. I have seen some photos of such window grille but could not find any resources or link of info of renovation company who does them.
  2. Hi, I will be getting my BTO 5-room flat anytime around July-September next year and I have been looking around for contractors or renovation company that do window grille which is preferably safe for home with cats. This is important because my unit will be on the 26th floor and I worry that the ordinary window grille will not be suitable for my home as my cats can definitely jump out of the window if they're not careful. And cats are curious. It will be very helpful if anyone would kindly recommend me any renovation company or contractors that specialized in custom window grille and preferably one that is not too over-budget. I have surveyed LeGate but I'm not confident with the material that is being used for their invisible window grille. I would prefer if the window grille is horizontal aluminum with a min of 5 cm spacing or whichever would be better for my cats. Do let me know! You can PM me or reply under this forum subject. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have been wanting to find out regarding the kind of window grille which is safe for cats. As I will be getting my new BTO flat next year I'm currently surveying various contractors and renovation company that do window grille which also will be safe for cats because I will be staying at the 26th floor. So far, I found out that there is an invisible window grille but I'm not that confident about the material which is being used. Can you recommend me the contractor or renovation company that did your window grille as well as your entrance gate? It will really help! Thanks!!