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  1. Hi there, I'm currently doing my 4A flat kitchen and 2 toilets complete hackdown and thereafter re-tiling and fixing everything back up, including cabinets (about 30ft in total). Got my reno contractor who is my neighbour to do it at a discount (nbours for 20+ yrs at old house) and even they couldn't go below 28k (bathroom fixtures not included). I think a more realistic budget to set is 30k but when u meet contractors/IDs tell them 25k. It also depends a lot on the floor area or ur kitchen and toilets, and also the config of ur cabinet (if u want tall units or additional features, pay more), In my searching process, I went thru 5 IDs and the most professional one I got who was most impressive and detailed and gave the most competitive quote that we would have gone for if not for my parents bugging us to take our neightbour was from Summit. Professional and good customer service, fast response during the quote formulation process. I dunno about workmanship though cos we didn engage them in the end.
  2. Thanks, CrimsonX. U sound like u really know ur stuff! Anw did the final inspection and found that the owner did not tell us about a leak of the aircon fluid (or some kind of other fluid) in the master bedroom, which has caused the laminated flooring to be damaged. And can see the laminate was re-"pasted" back but the work quality not very good and so some parts are coming out again. Now I have to contend with the cost of ripping out the laminate to revert to the original tiles. Extra unexpected cost. SIanz. Feel like asking back for my COV man.
  3. Thanks guys for the response. Looks like I have to tile all the way or risk having poor workmanship. And looks like the cement base will be for the fridge and washing machine too (cost savings minimal if I leave out for them) For the carousel, thanks for the suggestion. FYI, the carousel is here : http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/20628/ Got another question.. 6. For painting, what is the purpose of the sealant application and is it necessary to have it in the entire of just areas like the kitchen and toilet ceilings?
  4. Hi Renotalkers, I'm about to embark on a reno for my 4-rm resale flat kitchen and 2 toilets hack-away and re-do. Got some queries that I need experienced hands to give me ur 2 cents' worth. Haven't chosen ID yet though have spoken with a few firms already. 1. For the kitchen wall at the cabinet area, is it possible for me to do the tiling on only the exposed wall area between the upper and lower cabinets? Or is it a standard procedure to have to tile up the entire wall including the wall behind the upper and lower cabinets? As my kitchen is very big and I plan to run my upper and lower cabinet up to a total length of 40ft, if I only need to tile up the area between the upper and lower cabinets, this would be a significant cost saving. 2. I intend to get the contractor/ID to construct a standard 50mm cement base for the cabinet. Should I do the same for the washing machine and fridge, or is it better to leave them on the tiled kitchen floor and not the base? What are your experiences of the pros and cons of each? Cost savings won't be much as I only allocate 3ft each for fridge and washing machine. 3. My kitchen layout means that my cabinet has an L-shaped corner, which I intend to include a carousel at the corner to "revive" the dead space. If you look at the Ikea kitchen, they have the carousel. Does anyone know if Ikea can come over after the cabinet installation is done and install the carousel? Cos the ID firms so far don't have the type of carousel I want. It seems only Ikea has it. 4. I was thinking of installing a door at the entrance between the kitchen and the living room as I intend to aircon the living room and don't want to over-burden my aircon by making it cool down the kitchen as well. Are there any restrictions (fire-safety or the like?) on putting up doors where there never was a door previously? 5. Lastly, the previous owners are leaving behind a built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, which I intend to "refresh" by changing hinges, shelves and doors maybe. On top of that I intend to fabricate a small cabinet-cum-bench(10ft) to put below my living room windows to serve as extra storage and seating space. Should I engage a carpenter to do that separately or should I include under my reno package (which I think the ID always takes a cut right?)? Which is cheaper usually? Thanks in advance for all ur patience and help. May you be rewarded in some way or another for your good deed.