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  1. dear all, I'm currently looking for a curtain-maker also! Can someone PM me Mr Chew's contact please! thanks!!
  2. hey hey!! heard from fencer you looking for me lolz... fencer thanks for the sms.. paisei I'm actually at HK now on a work trip so got abit of shock when saw your sms lolz.. by the way Banned we got our's from Living Pheno at Balestier.. and yeah your tap seems abit slanted... our's comes out pretty ok and centralized! it seems it's some levelling issue to do with either the tap or the solid surface?
  3. well, it just shows how much a reno newbie you are if you just go by licensed vs unlicensed lol. sorry blog very slow liao... now moving in and trying to settle down... still have some lousy works that we need to do sigh...
  4. whoa nice one kor!!! everything is shaping up good!!
  5. still cleaning house and trying to get by day to day.. will try to get everything in place this weekend then take some photos
  6. i can barely open my eyes!!! help!!!! zzzzzzzzzzz............... moving is tiring.. zzz
  7. me no cool cucumbie... me gonna be chopped into many pieces hehehe.. jia lat... zzzzzzzzzzzzz got alot of random mementos dunno shd keep or not haha..
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh................................ move in on sunday!!!!!!!!!! STRESSSSSSS
  9. wa don bully him la so jia lat haha... u need blue pills for him if u wan to pressure him haha... but yeah 1 week to get things done is crazy man!!! impressed he could do it lolz
  10. lol i don't think he will take offense la.. lol did you guys manage to talk to him? or decided ID Note already? well.... "black marks are more for like not adhering to HDB rules, like reno timings, quality etc" ID Note burst your HO like don't know by how long so reno timings you can raise issue liao... Quality-wise, you highlighted some tiling issues, which some cannot be rectified because it will be too "troublesome".. I'm sure you can raise a case against them, with other dissatisfied home owners who used ID Note like smallcarrot etc
  11. hehehe wallsticker + 2 deck chairs.. ez!
  12. ur signature about monkeys asking for macadamias is almost apt over here.. junwei jia you man. hang in there and hope everything will be smoother
  13. hmm from your pov that makes sense too lol.. I guess luckily my main con is good at sourcing for good HDB license con seriously, i don't know on what basis HDB grants their licenses, but I think one of the criteria is certainly not trustworthiness given that there are many many MANY errant contractors on their list. I think you should feedback to HDB about ID Note if you feel that they have not fulfiled their duty as contractor
  14. bro i feel for u man, that is extremely ridiculous because now not only they need to redo the SS, I think you wouldn't want an extra hole in ur cabinet right? The extra hole might create a problem of rotting wood etc. henry is totally absolutely at fault. As main con, he is the one who suggested to put the tap at the side, so he SHOULD have the responsibility to inform the SS people? and he or some of his people should be present to make sure such a major installation be laid correctly. it sucks that homeowners are at the mercy of such shoddy contractors.. I think BCA or HDB should have a proper set of guidelines to monitor errant behaviour like that and also to come up with a standard contract that will hold both homeowner and contractor responsible to it.
  15. haha thanks bro.. i'm sure u are in the best possible pair of hands around... now totally caught up with work and moving in so there's very little posting going around here.. apologies to everyone!! will post photos when the furniture is all there~~ brief update: We got our starhub cable and broadband up already! phew... another $70 per month burnt! hmmmmm don't know but I think HDB licensed contractors are the ones who are allowed to hack instead of HDB's 'stamp of approval'.. not sure if my definition is correct?? but u are totally right in one pt: I vouch the quality and service of jaskel.