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  1. Hi, I have the following items to sell as I am moving overseas. Pls whatsapp/sms me @81131944 if interested. thanks! All must go! whatsapp/sms me @81131944. thanks!
  2. WTS: Combi Miracle TUrn MT-450A stroller, Stunning red colour, 2012 edition. Bought for 6 months. Used <3mths as baby just can sit in stroller. Used only a few times as he does not like the stroller. Selling off and buying a new one which he likes. COnidtion 9.5/10. ALmost like brand new. Retail selling $629. Pls whatsapp/sms me for details. 81131944. thanks.
  3. WTS: Karlsson wall clock. Relocating overseas. Bought at Molecule for $199 12mths ago. EXCELLENT condition. Approx size: 50 x 50 cm Thanks! Pls sms/whatsapp me @81131944.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to rent out my property from July 2013 as I will be relocating to UK for 4 yrs. Unit is very well maintained. Renovation fully completed only in Dec 2011. Modern design. Location: Simei St 1 High floor Corner 5I unit. 1 MBR with WIW and ensuite toilet, 1 bedroom, 1 study room, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 entrance balcony, 1 common toilet. Total area: 122 sqm Rental from July 2013. Interested, pls email me @ junwei84@gmail.com thank you.
  5. it added up to be bout 50k. but we had alot of build in carpentry like shelves, tv console, benches, knocked down 3 walls, built up 3 partitions, and put in quite abit of glass/mirrors so these add up to quite abit.
  6. hi, sorry missed ur post.. e lamposts i got it online @ decorette. google decorette and it'll come up.. tts 2 separate decals.. nt exactly cheap though..
  7. hahaha.. u can read up jeffcraze blog too.. his unit is our area too.. yea yea nam wah is in changi.. we had quite some probs gettin the HDB to aprrove wall hacking.. the HDB guy came like 3 times before finally approving.. so if u plan on hackin ur walls and in rush of gettin ur flat done up.. better tell ur contractor to speed up e permit application
  8. ya.. our ceilin is low.. we manage to put false ceilin(the false ceiling was as thin as possible and juz nice can put in the downlights only) and hang a ceiling fan.. but u muz get those shorter ceilin fans.. not many of those in e market.. ours is the KDK one.. tink e blades length quite short.. cant remem e exact dimension.. but its actually quite good.. very cold if u dun do false ceiling in ur living room.. should b no issues gettin the longer rod ceiling fans.. those market gt alot of models.. im bout 1.78 m i tink.. i raise my hands up and tip toe i can touch e ceiling fan.. so no jumpin in e livin room.. but sit down on sofa and raise ur hands up no problems at all la..
  9. try www.wilton.com.sg = nam wah. saw e link in some thread on e net.. they sell bathtubs.. saw a 1.3m on their website.. though we haven gone n see yet.. in e midst of weddin preps too.. busy!
  10. welcome to simei st 1! hahaha looks like u hav a totally same layout as mine except mine is 5rm corner.. but other than tt.. ur layout is totally e same! for ur mbr toilet.. aft tiling... if its e same as mine.. length of bathtub tt can fit is roughly bout 1.3m only.. cos we were juz measurin it e other day... hahaha
  11. idnote888@singnet.com.sg, will pm u his hp. tts his email.. pros & cons, u can read up my blog, read up supersimon, fencer, marshmellow.. quite a huge number of blogs for idnote.. got good got bad experience.. mine i woudl say average.. there were good points but there were bad too.. hard to say in 1 post.. u have to go read up e tblog.. =) dbss in simei ah.. wow.. **** fast.. i remember gg to see it when it launched.. din manage to get a queue number.. we woud hav loved to get it since it was new.. but the floor area realli small! (esp e kitchen) but im sure you would love your new place! hope u hav a great time findin an id/contractor!
  12. yup its a great feeling! and we keep addin new furniture, adding new stuffs like carpets blah blah blah.. its alomst perpetually a work-in-progress (and its an expensive hobby to decorate e house).. hahaha but its wonderful! thanks!
  13. aye aye snap liao muz show ma. everybd wans to see! haha