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  1. 昨天真是让人欢喜让人忧的一天... Morning, we went to the house to do the final inspection before the completion as required by HDB. Meanwhile we arranged our contractor to do the site viewing and confirm the details. We inspected flooring, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, lockers, lights and water for each rooms... ... We eliminate some unnecessary jobs: such as laying the laminated floor to cover the current broken marble floor, changing the current MBR door position and changing the current common room bedroom basin. My husband really appreciates Andrew, as he tells us how to cut the cost and not to waste the money. We also found out that there is a 梁 between master room and the common room, which means we have to give up the IKEA pax wardrobe and go back to Built In Wardrobe. This is really something we didn’t expect at all and now bringing us the headache… … After lunch, we went to Jalan Besar for market research, browsed through Poh Heng, Chuan Heng, Royal Franco, 和记, and some other small stores. Roughly we know what which one we want to buy. Husband wants to 乔装打扮and go next to BARGAIN with them… … Oh poor sales boys and girls, a 讲价王will attend to you soon. ATTENTION!~ After that, we went to my hubby’s favorite – IKEA and came back with a haze because our study room also as a guest room, is just nice as one study room for two person’s use. If we want to squeeze in a sofa bed, then we may have no space for a long table and bookshelves… … DID make some progress but it seems like more things are coming... ... 未来的一个月,注定不平静啊!~ Need to pray for smart choices. God is my 一家之主。
  2. Choosing Contractor- Final Stage. Finally shortlist 3 contractors... will do the interview and make the decision this Sunday...
  3. Wardrobe = frames + doors + interior settings (ideas copied from IKEA PAX) DOORS are the most uesless and expensive part of the wardrobe, but it defines the taste of the whole bedroom. My hubby love IKEA PAX's door... Plus the 10 yeard warantey. Uneven doors or the Uneven floors... ... Hummm. We already have a 10 degree oblique wall in my bedroom... ... Humm... Need to think twice again... ...
  4. So... choosing tiles is after the completion day? No need to choose before signing the final quote? I want to include the materials into the final quote. Am I too 怕输?
  5. Only wash room's ceiling has some bubbles. The rest rooms are fine... From the outside, at least... Anything else need to take note?
  6. This is COOL!~ Was thinking about doing it for my flat too. How to let it done? Just call SP Services? How much does it cost?
  7. ENVY you have such a big space for laundry... My laundry space is super small an narrow... ... My hubby and I are still headaching for the laundry and storage space... ...
  8. ALL ABOUT WARDROBE: Built In vs Pole System vs IKEA After browsing through many sample pictures about the bedroom, I realise that Wardrobe and Bed are the most 2 important furnitures in the bedrooms. Choosing wardrobe become very important. Looking at my current wardrobe, my hubby and I very fast decided that our wardrobe will be 3 metre long, which is th longest and largest size we can allocate. I like the concepts of flecibility and changes. My hubby doesn't like the built-in wardrobe's quality and color... Also the built in wardrobe will not cut much cost for us. Thus, built-in is out. Pole system and IKEA PAX is amost equally good to me. However, hubby insist that the pole system is not making good use of the space. Thus, we end with IKEA PAX. To Hack or Overlay? My flat is already 18 years old. Although many contractors tell me that they have lots of experience overlaying and no problem. However, they forgot that normally the flat they done was not older than 7 yrs... Hacking is costing more. However, I decide to stay at my current flat for 5 to 10 years. Thus, it is worth to do. Choosing Contractors Having contacted more than 15 contractors, 1 rejected me over the phone, 1 is rejected by me as their way of working cannot get along, 9 replied, 4 is supposed emailing me the quotes. Out of the 9 replied, only 4 are catching all what we want to do and able to give a full quote. Out of 4, we feel 2 out of them will be good working with. Still waiting for the 4 quotes to confirm the contractor... Choosing Material or Site Viewing first? Still haven't figured out... ...
  9. Looks like everything is smooth... GOOD for you!~ Tiles are nice!~
  10. 逛了一趟IKEA 和 IMM, 老公和我创意泉涌,将家里面要怎么布置和安排,大概都规划好了。 不过接下来的这两个星期没有什么进展。。。 联系了Henry,还有几家Contractor,似乎都是石沉大海。 ... ... 是我家装修实在太简单,Project太小?还是我们自己自以为把装修的事情已经想透了? Completion date is approaching and I feel more and more uncertain... ...
  11. 好有爱的帖子。 看到大家为Jess家想各种办法,就觉得人间还是有真情在。
  12. Thanks for sharing everyone!~ Will definately to go to have a look!~
  13. Thanks for your reviews!~ Will go to have a look!~