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  1. Hi fellow reno gurus and homeowners, I have bought a resale flat and is currently under renovating, due to budget issue, wifey and I has decided to overlay with vinyl flooring for our living room and other rooms. After the rooms have been overlayed with Vinyl floor, we noticed that there is a small area that the floor is uneven. I would like to know is there anyone with similar experiences and how did you rectify it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks supreme90, would like hear more from others if that's the standard market practise.
  3. Hi fellow house owners, If the reno contract states 45% upon completion of tiling works/measurement and fabrication of wood joinery works, does it mean payment to be made after carpentry work is completed without issues? Thanks.
  4. Hi fellow house owners, Anyone has any experience in replacing windows for their HDB flat ? I understand that we need to engage a PE endorsement before work can be started. Does anyone here have any idea how much would the PE endorsement cost ? Thanks.
  5. Hi @JohnJohn, may I please have your ID's contact and the cost of your reno? Thanks.
  6. Hi! Can you kindly PM me your ID details please?