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  1. Hi it is super cheap with includes and plus labour and install, I pay this amount with little work and job done, some more delay works by my contractor and others. May I know who is your ID and contractor, my friend looking for one. thanks
  2. Hi tiler seng, We need to do door triming on marbles using same marble materials, do you provide labour to do and how much does it cost. Lastest can do is when. Kindly pm for my enquiries.
  3. Hi all, I have a full stomach of complain, if any of you have heard United Hub Management Pte Ltd/Max's Studio please please do not engage them. They are full of con man... oh plus somemore irresponsible ID plus contractor. My case is simple, the firm are recommended by someone, they recommended that they are high end designers who deal with high end clients. But once we engaged them, our nightmare began. We are only doing with minor reno and they agreed plus chop stamp and say need only two weeks, and you know what.... i ended up in one month plus, till now still got minor touch up to do and yet I cant hear them anymore. They have put us out and shut us out already. High end profile with irresponsible behaviour, they make us puke and wanted to curse them. Oh one more thing, if you happen to engage them please remember to write down black and white in paper, or record tape if possible for prove, they told us no hidden cost, and the amount we get and we paid is 7k more. That is our simple heart and ear to believe in the ID words, he promised to completed with tight schedule and lower cost and end up having to delay in reno(stay in while renovating as well) and high price. You can don't believe me as this is my experience with them. I am here to vent my anger with this bunch of unprofessional designer and contractor here. Once again, thanks for reading and as well listening.
  4. Hi there, anyone did not pay up the ID or contractor the last 5% once the work is done. Due to poor co ordination, delay in completion whereby they say they need 2 weeks and end up taking up more time to complete. Need to call them up when they will come instead of they come up by schedule, everyday complain, complain and complain. Anyone got this problem encounter. Thanks
  5. hi fredlim Can try zhang shi fu. Very very good. His service is good one.
  6. thanks tweety for the info. I call the bank provided lawyer, they did nothing and I don think we did sign the form. When we had our completion of pte pty they say they will do the paper work and then when I ask them again, they say they will check and till now so many days they did not get back to me, I sent them email they din even reply me. So now I feel a pinch as the interest is still running. I just dunno what's wrong with the lawyer and they are always busy busy busy. They even got us in a bit of trouble when we are doing a 2nd appointment of selling our old flats. They did not submit our documents to the HDB, and when my agent went to find them, they got the face to tell us that we should inform them early. I call them one week before yet they still got the face to tell us off. So ridiculous.
  7. Thanks bepgof for the info. I tried call the bank and true enough, they put me on hold here and there, pass me around like nobody know what to do. I got the referral bank lawyer, and I ask them about it, they says will get back to me and end up did nothing and heard nothing from them. Asking a friend to help me find out what to do. So now waiting. I wish to act fast as the interest rate for short term loan is very very high. Thanks
  8. Hi, we have taken the bridging loan to service the 15% for the pte property. And we know that once the money is back to CPF board, Bank should get the money back from the CPF. But then, this is not the case. I am lost, I do not know what is the procedure we should do to return the bridging loan to the bank. As you know the bridging loan interest is quite high. Anybody who loan from bank has the same situation with us, can advise me what should I do to return the CPF money to the bank. Kind soul to help me, thanks Berry
  9. For me I will get FS to audit and thereafter ask the ID to follow the design on what my FS master tell me what need to hack n don't. As the FSM will need more than 4 hrs to audit the condo. Hope it help.
  10. May I know anyone out there know where to look for resale price unit for private properties, eg. HDB website we can check the recent resale price unit, but for private properties what is the link to go there. Appreciate thanks.
  11. Hi all, I am looking for ID or contractors for our resale homes, any kind souls can email me the reliable, and wont treat us like carrot head contractors or Id to me. We are doing minor work and really on tight budget. Thanks, kindly email me the contacts to berry05@gmail.com tanks a million
  12. Did anybody know that if you buy and sell your flats using HSR agents, u are entitle to have appointed ID from HSR company and they borned the fees of housing inspection or condo inspection free by their appointed ID management. Anybody heard that before.
  13. Thank you for all reply, appreciated. What do you mean change, is it the IC address and if me and husband staying condo,property tax is 4 % right and how abt the HDB. thanks
  14. Hi all, I got a question, in fact two, haha... I owned a 3 room flat for 10 over years and now inside the house, my mum stays(she divorcee). Rent out one room for her friends. The hdb belong solely my name and my mum is occupier. Currently, just purchased after signing otp for the private condo. Question is as my name own hdb and staying at newly bought condo. Will I be penalised, maybe govt will want me to stay at HDB and not condo or have to sell away the HDB and stay in condo (I wish not this one as my mum no income got to stay at the flat leh). How! Pls advise Thanks