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  1. I would be putting it straight off at my balcony, as my FSM had ask me to hang a Bagua (Already Blessed) at my balcony therefore not neccessary to blessed the lions.
  2. Hi edenstrauss, I had it done in China (Chongqing). I love the aggressive looks and hope it can guard my home and protect my family. Heehee...... Actually didn't pay much for it, initially was quoted RMB 600 without the baby lion but insisted to have it so in the end paid RMB 800 (SGD $160) for it with the baby lion.
  3. Thanks for all the advices and suggestions. Have tried searching around locally but can't find the lions' style which I like or with the right measurement. Luckily during Chinese New year when I went back to China (Chongqing) to pay visit to my In Law, I came across a shop that do stone carving. Requested the sifu to help me customize a set of the stone lions to the measurement I required, furthermore I need it urgently as I need to fly back to Singapore the next few days. Initally require 10 day to complete the job but after much persuading from me and my wife, the sifu finally agree to help me to complete it within 4 days instead. And below is the picture I took during the collection of the lions from the shop and must say i really love the aggressiveness of this set of lions at first sight. Cheers !!!
  4. Hi Mae, may I know which shop did you purchase the laundry hanger ? I'm also looking for a set of laundry hanger for my still renovating house. Need your advise, as I trust that you have purchased one which you are satisfied with the quality. Cheers !!!
  5. Hi, can anyone advise me where can I purchase a set of chinese stone lions in Singapore ? Looking for a set to guard the entrance of my balcony, btw I'm not looking for those very big type cos my balcony is only about 100+sqft so looking for around 5 inch x 5 inch base which the lion stand on it.
  6. A car lover here..... currently driving a frozen white Ford Focus RS.
  7. Hi... I'm intending the remove the marble flooring of my condo as there were some cracks therefore considering to replace it with either homogenous tile or back to marble again. Wondering could anyone share with me some price info of the above 2, the replacement will be for my living and dining area about 400 sqft. Cheers !!!
  8. Anyone could advise me, where can I get TEKA fridge ? Understand from TEKA singapore that they don't carry fridges in singapore but I happen to saw it at The Prive during the EC launch.
  9. Hi Terry, would be able to give me the contact for Tiffany so that I can make an appt with her ? By the way I can place the order at the showroom right ?
  10. Can someone enlighten me what is 'Gua' number ?
  11. Hi Terry, I intend to get a built in microwave w/grill, a hood and a hob for my new home. Currently considering TEKA and Bosch but could you advise me where can I view a range of Bosch product cos it seems most dealer doesn't carry a complete range for viewing and selection.
  12. Anyone using any of the above 2 model of 7.1 channel soundbar, would appreciate your comment or feedback cos considering getting one of the model for my new home.
  13. Hi, can anyone advise me where can I shop for nice and cheap home accessories / deco like Buddha painitng, candle holder and other display accessories in Bangkok ? Will reach Bangkok on Friday morning and come back on Sunday morning. Thanks in advance