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  1. Halo,

    Able to quote me the following:-

    Bosch Dryer WTW86561BY

    Bosch Oven HBG78B760 / HBG78B950 / HBN760651

    Bosch Induction Hob PID675N24E /

    Bosch Hood DWT09U850 / DWB09E750 / DWA09E850

    Bosch Diskwasher SPI50E15EU / SMV69M40EU


  2. Hi,

    I am interested to purchase a Bosch dryer WTW86561BY. However I have some concerns. Hope that you can clarify.

    Do clothes, in particular cotton ones, shrink after using a dryer? If they do shrink, does it happen only for the first time or repeatedly?

    Is there temperature control for this Bosch dryer?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    Can you give me a quote for the following Bosch ovens?



    Do you mind explaining the differences between the two models? Is it just the catalytic self-cleaning function?



  4. Hi,

    Could I check how much are you selling for








    Are all the above made in Germany?

    Could a dryer capacity of 7kg (WTW86561BY) be use for a kind size bed sheet?

    What are the modes of payment?

    Thank you very much!

  5. hi terry, has pm u. kindly reply, thanks.

  6. hi

    can check how much is bosch telescopic hood?

    and for oven which model should i get? hba56b550j or hba23b550j? thankz......pls email to shamzanis@singnet.com.sg

  7. Hi,

    plse quote best price for:-

    EFP 9520


    HBA - 331E2J



    WAE 1606SG


    Any recommended Hob? 3 or 2 burner?

    Thanks,, plse email to babythio@gmail.com

  8. Hi, True Only 8KG is made in Germany fridge only the classic model and built in model is made in Germany other is either PRC korea spain. Thanks. Terry
  9. Hi all, I'm here to share all about Bosch appliances do ask me if you need to clarify any doubt which you heard from the market. Cheers.
  10. If you are planing to get a dishwasher/washer now is the right time. Bosch is offering the best water and energy efficient with the most affordable price now. Bosch washer WAS28448ME Retail $1899 Now $1699 with free vacuum Bosch Dishwasher SMS50E82EU Retail $1249 Now $999 Both are brand new model do check it out. Thanks. Terry
  11. Hi , Bosch washing machine 8KG has just launch model is as follow: WAS24448ME WAS28448ME WAS32798ME Lastly we have a new model call IDOS. For more information on the machine do PM me. Thanks.
  12. Hi Shuying, Thanks for helping me reply when i'm not around very kind of you. There's something i don't quite understand why everytime when there is someone asking about Bosch appliances you will appear where do you get all the information from? Are you from our trade?
  13. Hi fairy, This model is made in Thailand but for everyone to speck about the quality just because of the country of origin I find it unfair as I been to the factory to built the machine on my on with the whole process I found out that no matter which country it made the QC was run by Bosch the quality is rest assure.
  14. Dear Bosch fan out there my old tread has been remove by the admin of renotalk as well as my PM so do let me know if you need anything that i can still help in with all the true and fact about Bosch. Thanks.
  15. Oh really ?? So does your set still work well?? Cause my work fine here with both heat from top and bottom??!!!