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  1. hi punggol family, can share w me where u get your dining table? i am keen on the transparent table too! :)



  2. Hi salormoon80! Slightly expensive I think. But manage to bargain down quite a bit
  3. Hi all! We have moved into our new home! Only one word to describe our feeling! Fantastic! The process was very tiring (those who expereinced packing and unpacking will understand what I mean). Luckily we decided to engage The Helping Hands (mover) to help in moving the things. Cannot imagine moving the things by ourselves! Their service was surperb! Very experience, fast and professional! Will recommend them to my friends! Anyone has lobang for artifical grass turf? Was looking around and found only 2 suppliers exhibiting in the recent Singapore Garden Festival. Were quoted DIY prices for the turf and I think is a bit expensive. BTW, how easy it is to DIY the grass turf?
  4. Hi,

    Sorry for replying late. Yes, there is a small gap between the fan and the ceiling.

  5. Hi fishponder! Pai seh for replying late. Yes, there is a small gap between the fan and the ceiling. Have been working fine so far!
  6. The last curtain in the house came over the weekend! Had a hard time choosing the curtain in the LR. Wanted a dim out curtain to block sunlight but wifey don't like. Settled with a 2-layers day curtain, made out of 2 different day curtains. End of the day, I feel that the LR look very comfy lor ....all thanks to my wifey! can't wait to move in argh!!
  7. ITs 950 now!? I will feel heart pain to buy too... Have PMed you my lobang! Good luck and hope you will be able to get this wonderful fan!
  8. Hi Vinsyeo!

    Have PMed you! Feel free to clarify anything else with me.

  9. Hi Audrey! Thanks! Wifey is very happy with it too! Will be posting pictures of the curtains very soon!
  10. Hi fraudster! Have PMed you! Hope you will be able to get it!
  11. Good read indeed. Thanks for sharing. Balance is key.
  12. Hi Punggolfamily,

    Could you share with me your experience with Summit Design and Unimax Creative ? I also intend to shortlist them for my new house.


  13. It looks nice but agree with your Queen that it may not be the most comfortable arrangement for watching tv and resting. Both of you may end up fighting for the Eames chair
  14. Hi Nexer! Have PMed you! Hope you get the fan within your budget!