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  1. paloma


  2. Hey all, thanks for supporting this t-blog after so long! How time flies! It's been more than two years since we moved into our home. Now that our family is expanding (yay!), we have outgrown some of our furniture and have to part ways with them (sobs). If you are looking for a mid-century modern sofa for your home, here's one to consider: We are letting go of our beloved sofa for $850. It's in a very good condition and was originally $1,580 from Room of Woods. The frame is made of teak wood and the cushion covers are in merino grey with white piping. The length is 145cm and the height is 86cm. If you are interested to take over it, please PM me! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for continuing to follow our t-blog and also for all your kind comments! I'm very sorry but I'm not able to respond to all the requests for K's contact as I do not log in to the forum often these days. I noticed there are some new K customers who have started t-blogs and are active on the forum, so those interested may want to get the contact from them Again, for those who have asked me to share my quotation, I'm sorry but I don't do that. In any case, it won't be very relevant now (it's been a year since my renovation was done!). We have been enjoying our new lives in our home and it's been quite interesting to see how our home has evolved - almost the same but not quite! I'm still thinking whether to share photos. Hi Yagiza, 1. The kitchen lights are from Ikea. 2. No, we don't have a photography studio in our home. Hi Sago, I wouldn't say it's difficult but you do need to be careful with it. I think I shared before that I dropped a glass bottle on my counter and one of the tiles chipped. But my contractor was very generous and kind to replace it for free! Tiles are very easy to clean, but if you are a carefree cook and don't want to worry about cracks and all, you might be better off with a more durable countertop.
  4. hi there mr & mrs Paloma,

    tried sending you a PM but full.

    can drop us an email relifestylegroup@gmail.com?

    need your assistance :)


  5. Hi Pinkwhale!

    Love your home renovation! Mind to share with me on your contractor contact? I am looking for a reliable contractor at the moment. Thanks in advance! (:


  6. Hi there ,

    would u mind to share with me the contact of your contractor , i am thinking to do up a concrete kitchen like you , do u hv any idea if he take up small jobs , just the kitchen ? i am living just opp ur estate , Punggol Spectra , await your kind reply , thanks :)

  7. Hi would like to enquire where did you get the white tiles for your kitchen and your contractor's no pls. There is a Mr K but he is not HDB reg so duno whether he's the 1 u engaged. If so any prob with HBD? Thanks.

  8. Hi Paloma,

    Love your house design. Can email me or pm me Mr K contact?

    email is meiibao@yahoo.com


  9. can share MR.K contact v me?my email is wesin78@gmail.com,thks!

  10. Hi! I really like your place's concept, is the workmanship of your contractors good?

    Also, may I have the contacts of your contractors for carpentry and the brick tiles?

  11. Hi Mr and Mrs Paloma! Thanks for K's contact. We actually met up with him and got a quotation from him. We are almost bent on signing on the dotted line with him and we are very very interested to know about the workmanship of K's floors and carpentry works.

    We would be very delighted if you could share with us the quality of Kevin's work. Thanks again!

  12. Hi,

    Can I have the contact for your contractor?

    I am very impressed by his work.


    email me at derbysig@gmail.com or drop me a pm! thanks!

  13. Thanks! The aircon is alright I guess? I've not used other brands before so can't really give you a comparison.
  14. Hi, I am very inspired by your house's design. I hope I can translate my vision into reality too. Can you kindly share you Contractor's contact?



  15. Hi Paloma,

    Can you kindly share your contractor's contact with me? Super super love your design.

    I see that the contractor has done a brilliant job. I hope he will be able to transform my vision into reality too!

    Thank you!

    My email is gesline.sim@gmail.com