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  1. My contractor carpentry workmanship not bad n impressed too...if u want his contact, can sms me at 98378000 ^^
  2. I have but not id or contractor. He is doing renovation for id/contractor. So his price is cheaper than them.he also have good lobang on aircon, window & grilled, lighting, painting. .n etc. ..u can sms me at w for more info
  3. Wondorlee, im same situation as u....im searching home tutor but cant find any good tutor nows a day...did u find urs? Can share and recommend? Tia....if u dun mind c a n sms me if u have a gd tutor to recommend? My hp is 98378000. ..thks...
  4. Peeka is spore agent? Pay by credit card? Si when we chose item must see also their shop how many "diamond" they have?
  5. How u order frm tabao? Peeka is tabao agent or? Y some item is same but different pricing, which we should choose? Tabao quality gd? How abt amazon?
  6. Sengkang fernvale link common room for rent (3pax) -prefer female malaysian -got air-con (excluded in rental) -wifi -available in july 2013 -sms/watsapp mrs.sim 98378000
  7. Can email pic ti phoebetiu@gmail.com?thks...price?
  8. can share jenny pow contact n curtain maker frm jb contact?//tia pls email to phoebetiu@gmail.com
  9. please also pm your id details ,TIA. PLS EMAIL to m,e via phoebetiu@gmail.com
  10. can share ur contractor?tia pls email to phoebetiu@gmail.com
  11. can pm andrew contact to me? pls email to phoebetiu@gmail.com tia
  12. can pm ur contractor copntact?tia pls email to phoebetiu@gmail.com