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  1. Bought mine from taobao less than S$50. Link
  2. Hi sforshor, can I have the distributor contact and selling price for square led downlight? TIA
  3. Hi Sohnice, mind to share the ID and quotation?

    The quote I get for my 3rm is close to 30k, need some comparisons. Thx

  4. Hi originalbread, I had a few friends bought another model u50g with touch screen interface. They told me the IR recording only record a few seconds and the person need to come very near in order to start recording. It only record a few seconds and once the person leave your door the recording will stop. Why I bought back the same model? Because it is still cheaper than conventional cctv but if you need to record loan shark harassment and mischievous action I would recommend conventional cctv. Because this kind of door peephole recorder need at least 5 seconds to boot up when IR is activated, by the time it start to record the damage is already done. There is no way you can record people stealing your things outside the door like what some seller advertise on his thread. Hope the explanation helps!
  5. My IntelliCorder is down after 1 year & the person who sold the recorder to me is not selling anymore. There are still ppl asking me where to buy the intellicorder. I managed to find it at aliexpress I bought it at US$115, converted to sing$ around $150. The previous one cost me $320. Installation is quite simple IMO. It took me only 20mins to install. Here is the link. IntelliCorder
  6. I think if there isn't any setting to turn off the speaker announcement, you might need to dismantle the whole thing and desolder the speaker.