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  1. Hi, Been ages since i login to see my thread. The gold basin and the tap are working great. Worth every cents to bring in from China. So far, i have not seen it selling in Singapore.
  2. Should be standard and flexible. Not necessary to get round rain shower head. Always check with the sales person before purchasing.
  3. Ok, quick answers for you before i start work... 1) No. The rainshower that i gotten in TB is so cheap that i didn't care about what forumers say abt gas heater and rain shower pressure. Sometimes you have to take a risk to see how things work. Unless, you are getting those expensive rain shower set in SG, else don't need to think so much about the water pressure. 2) Cool white. Because my cove lightings are warm white. 3) yeah!
  4. I think it is cheaper to get someone to construct for you. TB stuffs not necessary cheap and good. Some bulk stuffs are still better to get them locally.
  5. Thanks for the compliment. There's a saying.. One man's meat is another's poison. I liked my abode's design very much and I thank the ID for it. Since it is sarlah for you, please do not use similar colours for your house reno next time.
  6. Hi, the links I posted seems to have errors. The seller had removed them from his TB links. You need to search for new links using the Chinese words like 一体金盆艺术台盆-洗脸盆. Hope it helps.
  7. Yes. All BTO flats are like that. All conceal inside the walls.
  8. Felt so sad for this post. I agreed with Beng on the frequent check of the renovation process. I am also in this sort of situation before during my renovation. My kitchen mixer was buried among the rubbish in the service yard when my kitchen carpentry was carried out. The workers threw all the rubbish on top of the kitchen mixer package and thought that they are rubbish. If i never do a spot check on the carpentry works on that fateful day, my kitchen mixer that gotten from taobao will have been thrown away by the workers. It is important to keep track of your purchased items, especially those you spent lots of $$ to buy. Rather to be safe than sorry.
  9. I am opening the windows manually. The motor way is not efficient and i removed it.
  10. I believe you either look at my photos and not read the thread or my thread is too messy and you failed to notice the contacts. Please look out the thread next time,
  11. Mum's Bedroom The picture quality is abit bad. The material used is green flowery pattern with 80% blackout effect. Entertainment Room I did up a white roller blind to act as a projection screen as I am getting a projector for my entertainment room. Forgot to take photo on the master bedroom curtains but the colour is similar to my mbr wall. Vincent services are top notched. The quality of the curtains are very good. Similar to what was seen in curtain shops but price is 30% cheaper. Spend less than 1K for a 4rm flat. Save $ for other things in the house!
  12. 6 June 2013 I had engaged the famous renotalk curtain maker, Vincent to install curtains for my abode. I did up Day and Night curtains for living room and mbr and roller blinds for the 2 bedrooms. Vincent is very punctual on the installation day. He came with his wife to do the installation. Tools are placed on Vincent's used curtain clothing to prevent damages on the floor. The whole installation took 2 hours to complete. This is the end result. Living room
  13. 4 June 2013 Finally got time and energy to cycle my last bike to new abode. I took 66 mins to travel from Bugis to Sengkang. Fast isn't it? Well, it was a great ride compared to the first. My bike. Gotten it last November. Now the millionaire question comes.... can my bomb shelter fits 2 bicycles??? Tada.. Swee swee.. but need to shift the bicycle out before I can take my stuffs..