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  1. Wow congrats haigal! AMK is an amazing place, I used to hang out around there after school during my secondary school days! Btw, the place looks almost perfect! It's really well-maintained.
  2. Wow! The TV feature wall is really awesome! It really look fantastic, especially with all the wires hidden! Now I gotta slap myself for removing the "TV Feature Wall & Console" items from the renovation list. Hahaha! Have you moved into your new house?
  3. Cool! Looking forward to pictures! Hehe! Have a great great weekend everyone!
  4. Yeah, like what edd has mentioned, he does curtains and also solar film. I have nearly opted for solar films in my service yard but eventually stick back to my original plan of installing the wooden blinds.
  5. Hahaha, I don't think he will reject business. Check your inbox bro!
  6. Haha! I'm just kidding! I'm just doing a good deed to introduce good services to others so that everyone can benefit from his services. Sharing is caring. Hahahaha! Cool! Faster call him and get your curtains/blinds fixed! I wanna see pictures! LOL!
  7. Wow! It looks good but SGD 320.00 is a little costly to me. I've burnt too many holes in my pants, got to try to reduce cost now, otherwise I will eat grass for my overseas trip in October. Hahaha.. I will K.I.V. this first and compare it with the rack supplier my friend is going to introduce to me. If both are outta my budget, guess I will D.I.Y. the rack myself. Hahaha! Anyway sincere appreciation for the details! It's really very very helpful. Thanks!
  8. Hahaha.. There was a couple of times I complimented my mom on certain dishes and find myself eating the same dish every couple of days. She will say "Aiyo, you say nice what, so I cook often for you to eat loh". That's the reason why I don't like to praise her cooking nowadays, even though some of the dishes are fantastic. HAHAHAHA!
  9. Yeah! He also do installation for curtains and the prices are equally reasonable. I have a newly-wed friend who's staying near me. She had gotten Ryan to install day/night curtains for her living room & master bedroom and she mentions that the materials for the curtains are excellent. Guess you should give Ryan a call. Don't worry, he's a really really nice chap. If you don't believe me, you can ask Edd who also engaged him for blinds. Think I should start charging Ryan for advertising fee le. Say too many good words about him. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  10. I'm so honoured that you presented your virgin post to my T-blog! Wahaha! I'm at Punggol Walk, very very near to Punggol Central, so no LRT station for me. Yaaaaaaa, guess you have a point there.
  11. WAH! That's too much details. My sister is a stalker of this T-blog, once she share this info with my mom, I will be eating baked salmon, stingray, prawns etc for the next few weeks. Hahaha!
  12. Haha! I will go check out the price of an unfixed rack and compare it with the average price quoted by rack specialists. If it's wayyyyyyy cheaper, I will buy those spare parts and gather my whole family to fix it together. In that way, if it's poorly installed, we can point fingers at one another. WAHAHAHAHAHA!
  13. OMG! That's extremely fast! If only my renovation is also equally fast................ Haha! Anyway welcome to Punggol!