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  1. Hi bunnybluey, it depend on your kitchen space. If you have big space, it good to have 30"or 32". If not better get the 23". I have bought 23" as my kitchen is small.
  2. Hope you love your sink as I do! I have bought Kraus 23 inch Undermount Kitchen Sink.
  3. Do you have the link for me to see? Thank you
  4. Beautiful house. Are you staying at blk 98XX?
  5. Hi Desatans, so sorry didn't notice that. It really look nice. Is the lock and unlock easy to use
  6. niko

    Taobao Order

    Hi, how much you charge for the shipping and fees?
  7. Hi Desatans, can take photo show me how your toilet glass door look like?
  8. Your washing machine kerb look funny to me, is your washing small type?
  9. I don't want any decal, I just want simple.. It more easy to clean up when I finish cooking.
  10. I didn't know Hongkong got so nice stuffs. Do you remember which place you bought them? Maybe next time I should go to the shop walk walk.
  11. Hi Desatans, this is my kitchen door they install.