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  1. Finally started ur t blog bro! Congrats. Looks big n long for living, kitchen n rooms. This is EA rite? How big is it? Is there a window at the study area? If not, building a wall on the study but without windows seems kinda stuffy. U can still have an open kitchen. Do away with that kitchen wall, build an L shaped sliding doors where u can open up for a bigger living space n open concept kitchen or close them to have some privacy in the study. 2 in 1!
  2. Hi niko, I posted the photo earlier. I repost again here
  3. Nice. Can get some decal n stick over it
  4. Yes for the price, I think it's worth to get this than solid top. Granite top I'm not sure but I remembered reading and comparing these 2 before going for iquartz For the curry staining, sorry I can't comment much cos didn't really cook much since I moved
  5. It's good u ordered from taobao. I think Greg and some forumers ordered from there too and quality wise no issue.
  6. Hi, I got them from comfort design furniture. it's abt $2xx per chair and after I bought them some time later the price dropped For the glass bifold door..it's really up to u and depends on ur budget. U can see my opinion in post #132
  7. Company is Sim Win Liang. http://simwinliang.com.sg/ For the width of 1150mm. 1) 1972mm(H) x 500mm(D) x 990mm(L)- 4 shelves $129.50 Nett (1 x 900mm(L)beam + 90mm(L)allowance)- Color: Galvanised Finishing For the width of 2650mm. 1) 1972mm(H) x 600mm(D) x 1590mm(L)-4 shelves $204.40 Nett (1 x 1500mm(L)beam + 90mm(L)allowance)- Color: Galvanised Finishing
  8. Hi I got it here https://www.facebook.com/likelights