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  1. Finally started ur t blog bro! Congrats. Looks big n long for living, kitchen n rooms. This is EA rite? How big is it? Is there a window at the study area? If not, building a wall on the study but without windows seems kinda stuffy. U can still have an open kitchen. Do away with that kitchen wall, build an L shaped sliding doors where u can open up for a bigger living space n open concept kitchen or close them to have some privacy in the study. 2 in 1!
  2. Hi niko, I posted the photo earlier. I repost again here
  3. Nice. Can get some decal n stick over it
  4. Yes for the price, I think it's worth to get this than solid top. Granite top I'm not sure but I remembered reading and comparing these 2 before going for iquartz For the curry staining, sorry I can't comment much cos didn't really cook much since I moved
  5. It's good u ordered from taobao. I think Greg and some forumers ordered from there too and quality wise no issue.
  6. Hi, I got them from comfort design furniture. it's abt $2xx per chair and after I bought them some time later the price dropped For the glass bifold door..it's really up to u and depends on ur budget. U can see my opinion in post #132
  7. Company is Sim Win Liang. http://simwinliang.com.sg/ For the width of 1150mm. 1) 1972mm(H) x 500mm(D) x 990mm(L)- 4 shelves $129.50 Nett (1 x 900mm(L)beam + 90mm(L)allowance)- Color: Galvanised Finishing For the width of 2650mm. 1) 1972mm(H) x 600mm(D) x 1590mm(L)-4 shelves $204.40 Nett (1 x 1500mm(L)beam + 90mm(L)allowance)- Color: Galvanised Finishing
  8. Hi I got it here https://www.facebook.com/likelights
  9. Hi vkoh, clock is from comfort design.
  10. Hi makanology and harriette, thank you! Was quite worried all the drilling and reno stuffs affecting wife's pregnancy. Fingers crossed for my brave babies to be good in nicu now!
  11. Hi Scorpio, total $1388 from amk hm deco. Living room and 3 bedrooms. Price depends on the material used also.
  12. Hi my opinion on the glass door.Good: 1. Nice looking full glass door with many colors and decorative stickers to choose. There is no door frame, and track is top hung. 2. Space saving. Normal bifold and pd door also space saving but I went with this as its a newer product. 3. Easy to maintain. I think for this subjected to the color used. If u use black or darker colors, it may leave finger prints. Mine is frosted, just use clean cloth and wipe. So far done once..for my pd louvred door in cbr, although nice design and material, dust already trapped in between the louvred already. No good: 1. Price. For $7xx before discount, I think there is a big range of bathroom doors you can consider. 2. Safety. For those with children, although this is tempered glass, you still gotta take extra care. 3. Poor lockset design. Pls refer to the picture below. #1 is the lockset. There is quite a big allowance on the hole for the lock to go into. So once you closed the door, #2 is wat it looks like. #3 shows the lockset exposed when somebody pushes the door from the outside. #4 shows the bottom of the door after push. I dunno why the lockset hole is so big, if the tolerance is smaller, this sud not happen. Or maybe this is some safety feature to prevent the glass from taking a greater impact if it is hit/push from outside?
  13. Hi guys received an unexpected arrival of my baby twins early morning today at 29+ weeks.. Will be quite busy I guess. But will try to get back on the above queries ASAP Sorry
  14. Thank you bro! Still waiting for u to start ur tblog! I gonna enjoy this new nest for another month before all he|| breaks looseeeeee
  15. Definitely..lol. Nowadays hard to find something not made in china