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  1. the quote function seems to have problem anemone my tb purchase so far so good for the quality wise abt a year but do check on seller rating before u buy, I got some from tianmao, seems more reliable though abit more expensive
  2. Hi all, I'm sorry for the late reply, was busy with work didn't check forum for a long period. Anyway I heard from my ID that he is no longer in this industry, so the only source is his previous company Koong yee
  3. hi shiwei71, sure will drop you a PM hi jp631, sorry I don't know the code lei, that time never write down. I try to ask if my ID got record or not Hi edtanha, you go to buy4u.peeka.sg register a account first, then you need to explore what you want to buy on taobao, then just paste the link of the item you want to buy in peeka site and they will liase to do the ordering for you. Do note they don't use credit card, only cash deposit sure Stanley, will drop you a pm
  4. sorry guys for the late reply, was busy with work, here you goes hi yen2007, no prob, will PM u hi badboy, I will send u a PM thanks diginewb which chair you referring? the wooden leg one is from taobao, the relax chair is from novena furniture the wooden leg chair link is here thanks newhere. Sure, will send u a PM sure, will drop u a PM hi chococat, thanks I will drop a PM cheers
  5. haha thank you Makanology , thankfully the effect turns out what we wanted, to have a corner to relax while reading thanks honeykitty, we got it from novena furniture at sungei kadut. I bought le then read alot of horror stories about novena furnitures at renotalk. But thankfully our order is ok, no screw up in delivery, I think maybe the sales person play a part too. We got it at $299. sure, will pm you ok, sure will pm you
  6. we have moved in for around 2 weeks le cleaning and unpacking our stuffs. Surviving without internet for this few weeks is a torture sia haha, occasionally using personal hotspot and mobile broadband to survive till 28 aug before our broadband is up. Some pictures of our completed nest let the pictures do the talking Living Room (TV area) Dining Area Kitchen side 1 Kitchen side 2 Study Room Have come to the end of my renovation journey for our humble nest, I have learn a lot from you guys here. Happy to be able to contribute a tiny bit back to the community
  7. ya, 12W is already quite bright , haha good at least our taobao downlights is quite good I moved in le, but no internet connection sibei chui haha... surviving on a mobile broadband dongle now till 28 aug for the fibre broadband installation haha sure, but my house still in a mess, haven't really finish unpacking and sorting lol. Maybe weekend can arrange to visit each other
  8. wow, the rain shower is swee swee really a very good buy for that price, nice!
  9. congrats for your new nest done up ! very nice, simple and sweet your furnitures got a very vintage touch
  10. wow, your divider shoe cabinet is up, nice ! love your kitchen cabinet combi colours too, haha hope to see your rain shower up soon
  11. Thanks blue218, so far its quite good. Very satisfied with the brightness. I think star lighting have china made 12W LED downlight @$38 but no warranty . Wow 29 downlights, you have a lot of Lbox design is it? Thanks Makanology, yeah luckily we are able to move in before the 7th month haha Congrats drunkenchivas, yeah finally thanks honeykitty, haha sure. Post more pictures of your completed house Hi MonsterBeng, yes, driver is needed for LED lights, all the lights that I bought come with LED drivers. If you are using Peeka, you can ask the peeka person to check with seller first before you buy Hi sim3, for me I think is bright enough for a 12W, but of course you may want to check with your ID on the watt and the number of downlight you need to ensure that the brightness is sufficient Hi Sniper, you can refer to the links that I posted earlier, or what blue218 has re-posted you click on new order and paste the link inside to buy, hmm but ensure you read the details of the light first before you buy, most importantly check with your ID again whether is 12W good and the quantity you need to buy, hope it helps
  12. nice buys your tap is very elegant , swee swee saw the defected cube lights, abit wasted, but I think Peeka shd be able to help u ask seller ship new one over everything looking good, hope to see more updates
  13. was busy for the past weekend as it was finally time to move in still haven't finish unpacking all stuffs, once everything is settled down will upload more pictures Super happy finally our nest is completed
  14. Hi greglhc, I haven't officially move in yet, didn't do heavy cooking yet, so can't comment much. I realise that the suction power is very strong when I tried as compared to slim type of hood that my sister house is using, though it look much more bulkier, only I put it to more test will update you again Thanks zihui ya, the effect was above my expectation too. I am glad that everything turns out quite well Hi lastkopek, that small box is actually a ottoman for the dressing table in the MBR. The link is here haha, thanks beng ya I like that the cables all this can be hide properly, you can include a feature wall in your next project Not yet moved in, supposing to move in on Monday but abit rushed, so we push it to this coming sunday, can't wait to stay in our new nest too Hi Felicia, sorry I missed out on your post previously, I sent you a PM le
  15. hi verre, the link to the chair is here